Big news regarding the London Lifestyle Awards!

Big news regarding the London Lifestyle Awards!

Did you watch the Hospitality Titans Live?

60 minutes, 6 Titans, 6 inspiring stories of business in Hospitality. Did you tune in to watch Hospitality Titans Live? If you missed it, do not worry, you can watch the full episode here.

Our panellists chat through some of the most important issues in the Hospitality Industry right now, as well as sharing their stories of who they are, and why they are where they are today. In a time when a lot of the news for our industry can be all doom and gloom, our 6 Hospitality Titans, find the positive and help us to understand where we can all grow from here.

Meet our Members: Liam Norval Posh Cockney CEO, Pete Warden Hospitality Director at LXA, Jennifer Cochrane CEO of Getahead, Morris Greenberg Managing Director at CDG Leisure, Frederick Szydlowski Co-founder of Embargo App and Michelle Moreno Managing Director at QAB Hospitality.

First up is the topic of the pedestrianizing of central London. Frederick explains that London is one of the only capital cities in the world not to already have this in place and hopes that it will stay for the post Covid future. And of course, the less positive topic of the 10pm curfew, Jennifer Cochrane comments that not only does the curfew have a negative impact on the industry, it is also dangerous to people’s health, with groups piling onto a busy tube, buying cheap alcohol from the shops, and drinking at home.

Property expert Morris Greenberg gives an insightful talk about the changes in the types of property buyers are looking for in London at the moment, with the emphasis being on outdoor space. With many restaurants sadly having to close their doors permanently, that leaves many London venues, with fully fitted out kitchens, vacant and ready for a new buyer. Is 202o the year of the start-up? Are we gong to see a huge change in the types of restaurants we see in Central London?

It’s time for Jennifer Cochrane to take the stage, talking us through an insightful presentation, explaining her businesses Getahead and Work Inspired. Mental health in the work place is now even more important than ever, with businesses having to adapt to the ‘new normal’ and many people fearing for their jobs. Work Inspired helps companies to develop a bespoke wellness program that works with in their business.

The Embargo App has had some fantastic press coverage recently, Frederick Szydlowski talks through his plans for the business and how freezing payments through lockdown, has helped to retain his customer loyalty.

Michelle Moreno is the Managing Director of QAB Hospitality. Michelle wants to be part of the movement that helps people to be better, that understands the need for teaching positive psychology across all areas. She talks through an incredibly interesting presentation on what it takes to be a great leader.

If you haven’t watched this episode yet, you are missing out. Every single one of our panellists has an inspirational story to share.

Here you meet six of our members, but the Hospitality Titans is growing rapidly, with more members signing up every day. The Hospitality Titans aims to set out the new blueprint for the future of Hospitality. We want to connect fresh new ideas, with the people that can make it happen.

Do you want to be a Titan? Get in touch with us today.


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London After Lockdown - Thank You

London After Lockdown - Thank You

Experience The Bosporus in London

Experience The Bosporus in London

Titans Assemble

On Tuesday 6th October we will hold the first meeting of the Hospitality Titans – and you can join them! At 12pm GMT the meeting will be streamed live on Posh Cockney TV. This is your chance to meet our panel of Hospitality Experts as they discuss what is happening in the industry right now.

Twenty twenty is not over; the hospitality industry is fighting back. The Hospitality Titans are here to set a new blueprint of what the hospitality industry is set to become. This platform will allow new talent to showcase their ideas in an open forum amongst the industry elite. Where bright ideas can meet investors that are passionate about the future of Hospitality.

Their mission is to spread a positive message and support their peers in these challenging times. Their goal is to become the new voice of hospitality.

Hospitality Titans live will give you exclusive access to listen in on what The Titans are doing to help the industry come back from this pandemic, bigger and better than ever.

Panellists include: Liam Norval Posh Cockney CEO, Pete Warden Hospitality director at LXA, Jennifer Cochrane CEO of Getahead, Morris Greenberg Managing director at CDG Leisure, Frederick Szydlowski Co-founder of Embargo App and Michelle Moreno Managing Director at QAB Hospitality.

To watch the live stream, head over to Posh Cockney TV.


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Posh Cockney Productions has landed. We are ready to create engaging content that will bring your business to life. Whether it’s podcasts, YouTube videos, photography or bespoke product videos, Posh Cockney Productions is here for you.

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If you want to know our secret and how you can elevate your brand in ways you may think are unimaginable, please get in touch today!


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