Ibiza night operator Pacha Group will take over the Café de Paris, one of London’s oldest nightclubs with current plans to reopen the club as a cabaret venue. 

The chief executive of Pacha, Nick McCabe commented, “Café de Paris has been an icon of the West End since the 1920s, so it is a great privilege to be taking it on into the next phase of life”. 

The London landmark, which originally opened in 1924, has previously attracted some of the top celebrities and A-listers, including Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, and Noël Coward. 

Despite its long history, Maxwell Restaurants had to announce the news that the company had gone into liquidation on December 19 because of COVID-19, which ultimately resulted in 400 job losses.

An Iconic Name Change

Pacha has plans to reopen the site under its cabaret restaurant concept Lío, to prevent Café de Paris from going under, which previously ran a successful London pop-up in 2019. It has plans to be transformed and be a symbol to the London Ibiza Club Group.

The decision to rename the venue has caused much controversy as Cafe de Paris has been a landmark venue in London for generations.

Lío is expected to launch between the end of 2021 or the start of 2022. Pacha says that attendees can “expect a unique and surprising display where dinner, cabaret and club come together”. 

It will be interesting now that Lío Cabaret & Club Ibiza has a permanent space in the London club scene and brings to question how successful it will be. 

Despite Pacha having only been limited to Ibiza previously, they have also announced numerous other openings which include two on Mykonos, where most Brits spend their holidays.

“It is fantastic to have Pacha come back to London and save this iconic venue. Even though it will be trading under a different name, it will still be providing the same unforgettable experience and allow people to enjoy this phenomenal venue for many more years to come.” – Former Director of Marketing at Cafe de Paris and Posh Cockney CEO, Liam Norval

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