Important Dates for your March Marketing Calendar (+ Content Ideas!)

March Marketing Calendar

Your March Marketing Calendar It’s almost the end of February, which means it’s time to make sure all your March marketing plans are ready to go. But it may be that you need some last minute inspiration before setting things in stone.  A great way to come up with marketing and PR content ideas is […]

5 Ways to Boost Instagram Engagement

Instagram engagement

There are many benefits to social media marketing for your business. Using Instagram, for example, is a free way to grow your audience and increase brand awareness. With over one billion monthly active users, Instagram is also a great platform to entice new customers with exciting images and graphics. However, maintaining and improving your Instagram […]

The highs and lows of controversial marketing illustrated by Kanye West

Kanye West Marketing

Everyone is talking about Kanye If you haven’t heard of him, you’ve got to be living under a rock. If you have, however, you likely have a strong opinion on him.  American rapper Kanye West, also known as ‘Ye’, is currently one of the most controversial figures in the spotlight. Best known for his music, […]

Influencers: How to work with us?

As a leading PR and Marketing Agency for the hospitality industry in the UK, we have a lot of opportunities available for influencers across our various client bases. Predominantly, we work with restaurants and bars, but our clients do not stop there. Are you a foodie that captures engaging content with an interactive social media […]

The importance of finding your brand’s target audience

how to find target audience

The foundation of a successful marketing campaign revolves around one thing: knowing who to target. A target audience is a specific group of people with shared characteristics who are most likely to be interested in your products or services. In this day and age, being aware of your target audience is much needed if you […]

Brand image: What is it and how can we reinforce it?

nike image

What is brand image? In a very busy market, it can be hard for a brand to stand out from competitors. When a new company arrives in a market where there are already leaders such as Nike or Adidas, it can be complicated to build a notoriety. The solution is to reflect a quality brand image […]