Your March Marketing Calendar

It’s almost the end of February, which means it’s time to make sure all your March marketing plans are ready to go. But it may be that you need some last minute inspiration before setting things in stone. 

A great way to come up with marketing and PR content ideas is by capitalising on key dates throughout the month. Whether it’s National Cheesecake Day or Mother’s Day, there’s usually always something to be celebrated. 

Incorporating these days into your content calendar can do the world of good for your business, with benefits like boosting audience engagement, exhibiting brand personality, and building a positive reputation if you choose to raise awareness for a specific cause or event. 

So, without further ado, here are the dates you might want to keep in mind for your March marketing calendar:

1st March – Pancake Day

Does your business serve food? Why not create a limited edition pancake dish to serve for one day only, or across the weekend as well. 

This doesn’t have to be the typical Nutella-covered dessert you can find everywhere. Take this opportunity to create something that’s unique and aligns with your branding. 

For example, our client Ritu Seasons of India is celebrating Shrove Tuesday by serving up Fluffy Chocolate and Pistachio Pancakes with Gulab Jamun and Rose Petal Maple. Is your mouth watering yet?

3rd March – World Book Day

Does your business sell books? Or items that can be book-themed? Boost your brand awareness by doing something related to World Book Day.

Maybe your target audience consists of parents that stress over their kids’ costumes every year. Can your brand’s products make it easier for them this year? Better yet, does your business sell costumes, and can you create an offer that increases sales just before World Book Day?

4th March – Employee Appreciation Day

Show the more human side of your company by posting about your team on social media. These could be appreciation posts, or you can shoot content of your team doing team-bonding activities. 

Perhaps share your company’s efforts to support the wellbeing of your staff, such as posting content of a guided meditation or wellbeing talk.

8th March – International Women’s Day

Take this opportunity to celebrate the women in your team by sharing content of them on social media. 

Or why not fundraise for a women’s charity? Have customers donate to a charity by purchasing a limited edition item, or have a percentage of your day’s profits go towards the charity.

You could also create a women-only event, like a girls’ bottomless brunch, with proceeds going to a women’s charity.

11th March – International School Meals Day

Is your business in the food/drink sector? Similarly, you can fundraise for International School Meals Day by donating to a particular children’s charity. 

You could even begin a partnership with a charity, and help to raise awareness and proceeds for them on a long-term basis.

13th March – The BAFTAs

This is one your business can be reactive towards. Ask your audience who they’re voting for through an Instagram poll. 

Or if you’re active on Twitter, live Tweet during the show and let your brand’s personality shine by sharing opinions about the awards. 

Why not come up with a PR angle surrounding this? How can your business relate to the BAFTAs? Or if you’re situated near the event, can your business offer anything to guests attending the show?

14th March – Pi Day (3.14)

Have a bit of fun with this one. Share a pie chart on social media that relates to your brand. 

Does your business sell anything circular, like pizzas? Or better, pies? Take this as an opportunity to highlight them! Promote special offers on these items for the day by sharing images of them on social media. 

There’s also the option to discount items by 3.14% or even sell them for the price of £3.14.

17th March – St Patrick’s Day

Ask all your staff to dress in green! Or perhaps set up an event where all your customers have to wear green, creating a green wave in your venue, perfect for social media content. 

Can you give a freebie to everyone named Patrick (if they can prove it, of course)? If your business is a bar or pub, why not offer a free pint of beer to any Patricks in the venue?

As St Patrick’s Day is so drinking-focused, create special offers on drinks, like 2 for 1 cocktails, for the day. Or create a limited edition green cocktail to be sold from Thursday to Sunday. 

On the other hand, stand out from the crowd and reach out to customers who don’t drink, by creating special mocktails or acknowledging them via Instagram Stories.

24th March – National Cheesecake Day

Do you sell cheesecake? Promote a special offer on cheesecake for the day and share on social media. 

Perhaps create a poll on Instagram about your audience’s favourite types of cheesecake. Not only will this boost engagement, but it might also give you menu inspiration!

Not in the food sector? Ask your staff to bake their best (or worst!) cheesecakes and ask your audience to vote for the best on social media. You can make this as amusing as you’d like!

25th March – Bridgerton Season 2 Release

Like the BAFTAs, be reactive! We all know how much this trended last year, so take the chance to jump on the bandwagon earlier this year. Whether you’re a brand or not, if you’re relating to your audience’s interests, they’ll engage. 

Share Instagram stories related to the series’ release, like polls that ask your audience for their opinions on certain characters or storylines. 

Or do some newsjacking (reactive PR)! Can your brand relate in any way to Bridgerton? Think outside the box. 

Maybe you’re a clothing brand that can create a concept dress similar to one in the series. Or perhaps you’re an organisation that can provide expert comments on what the Regency Era was really like compared to the series.

Bridgerton March Marketing

25th March – International Waffle Day

Much like National Cheesecake Day, take this opportunity to promote your waffle dishes with a special offer. Or create a limited edition waffle dish for the day.

Perhaps set up a competition for your followers to come up with their ideal waffle toppings – design-your-own-waffle – and offer a voucher or free dessert as a prize. 

Remember to think outside the box! ‘Waffle’ doesn’t just have to be food. Maybe you’re a throat soother brand that can help your chatty audience when they ‘waffle’ too much, or a telephone brand keen to encourage more ‘waffle’.

27th March – Mother’s Day

Perhaps the most important day to prepare for this month. Think about your target audience – does it consist of mums? Find a way that you can flip your services to give back to mums. 

Why not offer freebies to any mums at your venue? You can offer a free glass of prosecco, or even a voucher for your brand – not only will your customer feel appreciated, but they’ll also have incentive to return.

Perhaps create special offers on possible gift items that you sell, like beauty products or champagne. 

Are you a hospitality brand? Try setting up an event dedicated to mums – like a Mother’s Day brunch or a special Mothering Sunday carvery, like our client Hamlet Hotels

Make sure you’re also engaging with the rest of your audience. Most people have a mum they’d like to celebrate on Mother’s Day. Ask your audience what they love most about their mum to help boost engagement.


Still need more content ideas for your March marketing calendar? Get in touch with Posh Cockney today.