Navigating the Digital Shift: Changes to Third-Party Cookie Tracking

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, the landscape is continually evolving and we are very used to change. However, the transformation in third-party cookie tracking is currently making waves through the industry. 

In this blog, we have waded through the endless information online, to bring you the bits that you really need to know about.  

What are Third-Party Cookies?

Third-party cookies are small pieces of data created by websites other than the one a user is currently visiting. They are commonly employed for cross-site tracking, enabling advertisers and marketers to monitor user behavior across different domains. These cookies play a crucial role in delivering personalized ads based on users’ online activities, interests, and preferences.


Third-Party vs. First-Party Cookies

First-party cookies are generated by the website a user is actively visiting, contributing to a seamless and personalized browsing experience. They remember user preferences, login information, and other site-specific details. On the other hand, third-party cookies extend their reach beyond individual websites, enabling tracking and data collection across multiple domains. While first-party cookies enhance on-site personalization, third-party cookies facilitate personalised advertising across the broader online ecosystem.

If you are worried about being able to track users who visit your website, don’t panic! These are first-party cookies and will not be affected but the upcoming changes. 

Why are Cookies Being Removed?

A growing mistrust in big tech companies has led to people demanding to have more control over their data and where it’s shared. As users become more aware of online tracking practices, and regulatory bodies strengthen privacy regulations, there’s a collective push towards enhancing user control over their data. Additionally, high-profile data breaches and misuse of personal information have fueled the call for increased privacy measures.

Web browsers and tech companies have taken note of these concerns and initiated efforts to restrict or eliminate third-party cookie tracking. Browsers like Safari and Firefox have already implemented measures to block third-party cookies, and now, it’s Google’s turn.

image of google analytics

What Does This Mean for Marketers?

The evolving landscape of third-party cookie tracking brings forth challenges and opportunities for marketers.

  • Shifting Toward First-Party Data: With third-party cookies losing prominence, marketers must focus more on cultivating and leveraging first-party data. This includes strategies for obtaining user consent and encouraging users to share their preferences and interests directly.
  • Contextual Targeting: Marketers may turn to contextual targeting as an alternative. This approach involves understanding the content of the page a user is currently viewing and delivering ads based on that context rather than individual user behavior. While it might be less personalised, it respects user privacy and still offers relevance.
  • Collaboration and Partnerships: Collaboration with trusted technology partners can become crucial. Marketers may explore new methods and partnerships that comply with privacy regulations while still allowing for effective targeting and advertising.
  • Emphasis on Transparency and Consent: Transparency and obtaining user consent will be central to any successful marketing strategy. Building trust with users by clearly communicating data practices and offering opt-in choices can foster positive relationships.

In conclusion, the changes to third-party cookie tracking signify a shift in digital marketing. While challenges lie ahead, the transition also opens doors for innovation and more ethical data practices. As marketers adapt to these changes, focusing on user-centric strategies and respecting privacy will be essential for long-term success in the evolving digital landscape.

At Posh Cockney, we believe that the best marketing is built on trust and opens conversations between brand and customer. Now, it’s time to take that trust one step further. If your brand is adding value to a customer, they will be more than happy to tick yes to that data capture box. 

Contact us today if you need help implementing a customer first strategy that enhances your data tracking processes and prepares you for a cookieless future. 


Key Dates for your 2024 Marketing Calendar

With 2024 just days away, it’s time to ensure your 2024 marketing calendar is ready to go, and packed full of those important key dates.

Why a Marketing Calendar is Crucial

In the dynamic world of marketing, staying organised and proactive is not just beneficial; it’s essential. One of the most powerful tools in a marketer’s arsenal is a well-structured marketing calendar. This seemingly simple tool can be the cornerstone of successful campaigns, ensuring that both creativity and strategy move in harmony.

Strategic Planning: It allows for long-term planning. Marketers can identify key dates, holidays, and industry events well in advance and develop strategies around them. This foresight prevents last-minute scrambles and ensures high-quality campaigns.

Consistency and Frequency: In the age of content overload, consistency is key. A marketing calendar helps in maintaining a regular posting schedule across all channels, ensuring your brand stays relevant and top of mind.

Creativity: A key marketing date can spark campaign ideas that are timely and relevant, creating a conversation for your brand. This can go a long way to increasing our brands visibility and brand awareness.


Building an Effective Marketing Calendar

Start with Major Milestones: Identify major holidays, industry events, and company milestones. These dates are often opportunities for themed marketing campaigns.

Layer in Campaigns and Content: Once you have your key dates, start layering in your planned campaigns and content. Ensure there’s a mix of content types and channels, catering to different segments of your audience.

Flexibility is Key: While it’s important to stick to a plan, flexibility is crucial. The market is ever-changing, and your calendar should accommodate last-minute adjustments or shifts in strategy.

Review and Iterate: Regularly review your calendar’s performance. What worked? What didn’t? Use these insights to refine future planning.

2024 Key Dates

Still not sure where to start? We’ve done the hard work for you!

From National Burger Day to world Cocktail Day, the Met Gala to The Olympics, Posh Cockney’s 2024 Marketing Calendar is jam packed full of everything you need to kick start your 2024 marketing strategy.

A good marketing calendar is more than just a schedule; it’s a strategic tool that ensures your marketing efforts are deliberate, timely, and cohesive. It’s the backbone of a well-orchestrated marketing plan, allowing teams to work more efficiently and effectively. In today’s fast-paced market, it’s not just about doing marketing; it’s about doing it smartly. And that’s where the power of a good marketing calendar shines.

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Christmas in July

It may feel like shop shelves are stocked with Christmas decorations earlier and earlier every year, but retailers aren’t the only ones who need to be thinking about the jingling of Christmas bells whilst sipping on their Aperol Spritz during the summer months.

But, why do you really need to start thinking about Christmas in July?

Pulling on the Christmas jumpers and dusting off the decorations in July may seem extreme, but unfortunately, it’s essential if you want a successful festive period.

July – The menu

It all starts with the kitchen team as creating a unique, tasty, and profitable menu takes time.

Whether you stick with Turkey and all the trimmings or align the menu with your brand, a set menu, or selection of, is always a great way to cater for those larger Christmas parties.

August – The creatives

Crackers at the ready! It’s time for the photoshoot.

High-quality imagery is essential to showcase all you have to offer. From mouthwatering shots of the food, to wide-angled images of your venue looking festive, it’s time to immerse yourself in Christmas cheer for a day.

Then, the menu needs to be designed and a website landing page created, making the customer journey to booking their festive bash streamlined and stress-free.

Christmas menu shoot

September – The corporate bookings

By September, those corporate booking requests will be coming in, so it’s important you are armed with all of the info to convert these into sales. Alongside this, a strong marketing campaign is needed to ensure all of the businesses in the area know exactly what you have to offer over the festive period. 

October – Promote, promote, promote

Social media, influencer marketing, email marketing, and PR all need to come together for a 360 marketing strategy to promote your Christmas offering. 

For PR in particular, the earlier you can get these details to journalists, the more chance you have of being included in those festive round ups. 

Opening on Christmas Day? Make sure you’re included in those ‘Where to eat on Christmas Day in London’ features. 

November – The finishing touches

It’s time to deck the halls and apply the finishing touches!

By now, promotions should be well underway, but it’s never too late to pull in those last-minute bookings. 

December – You’ve done all you can

By the time December comes around, all of the hard marketing work is done, and it’s over to the onsite team to work their magic.

Not started your Christmas planning yet? Posh Cockney can help, drop us an email to discuss how we can kick-start your festive marketing, taking the pressure off you to keep operations running smoothly.

Meet Bros: How London’s first Asian-fusion steakhouse royally burst into the capital’s F&B scene


In May 2023, Meet Bros entered the London F&B scene as the city's first Asian-fusion, fully halal steakhouse. Located down the road from Paddington Station, the modern medieval-style restaurant offers a gathering place where Western and Malaysian cultures unite as a melting pot for people of London's diverse ethnicities and beliefs over a semi-fine dining experience and premium steaks.

Brought to the UK capital by Serai Group and Palace Butcher Resources (PBR), Meet Bros plays a significant role in the group’s mission to expand globally and develop its international footprint. PBR is best known for the success of Me’nate Steak Hub, an exceptionally popular eatery across Malaysia with 13 outlets.

To fulfil their objective of becoming the world’s finest Asian-fusion halal steakhouse, the Meet Bros team brought on Posh Cockney in April 2023 to utilise our full marketing, social media and PR services.

Our Objective

To develop, execute and sustain a comprehensive, integrated marketing, social media and PR strategy to initiate and grow brand awareness, presence and preference in the London F&B scene.


We had less than a month to establish all digital platforms from scratch and plan and manage the soft and hard launch events. The restaurant was still under renovation until days before opening its doors. On top of the digital introduction of the Meet Bros brand and the restaurant opening, the launch event required significant planning, operations management and social media and PR coverage as Her Majesty Queen Azizah of Malaysia attended.

International Marketing
We worked closely with the team in Malaysia, who operate in a different time zone, making optimal meeting scheduling a priority. Furthermore, we needed to understand Muslim and Malaysian customs and traditions, so we planned and promoted Meet Bros’ offerings authentically and respectfully. This task was especially important for the launch event, where royal guests and key figures from Malaysia attended.

In-Restaurant Demand
Managing customer expectations and knowing when to scale back on promotional initiatives to ensure demand doesn’t surpass the restaurant’s employee force and supply of other resources.

Our Approach

We used an interdisciplinary and multi-phase approach to developing, executing and sustaining our marketing tactics. Our timeline was as follows: 

  • Pre-Launch: April 
  • Launch: May & June
  • Post-Launch: July onwards

What we did 


Beginning in April, the Posh Cockney team familiarised ourselves with Meet Bros’ history, brand and menu through discovery meetings, site visits and research. To position Meet Bros in the London F&B scene, we conducted a competitor analysis, exploring the offerings of steakhouses in London and other restaurants in the Paddington area to help the restaurant refine its pricing and to determine the target audience. 


Since the steakhouse is fully halal, our team also learned about Muslim practices and Malaysian traditions. We crafted target audience profiles and built our launch and post-launch strategy and promotional calendar, including significant Malaysia, Muslim and UK holidays and fun food-related dates. Posh Cockney’s marketing and social media team developed the Q2 promotional editorial calendar and social media grid plan from this research, leaving room for adjustments based on monthly performance. For PR and social media, we compiled lists of journalists, publications and influencers to invite to cover Meet Bros’ launch. Our press release covered the restaurant opening and the royal launch event, and we sent it out to key UK media contacts.


On the digital side, Posh Cockney developed, set up and managed all digital platforms. Our priority was establishing the Instagram and Facebook pages to generate buzz and excitement for the launch. We created the restaurant email, CRM and booking platform and set up the Google Business, TagManager, SearchConsol, Ads and Analytics accounts. A significant project was developing the website with SEO copywriting using our organic keyword research based on the restaurant’s offerings, competitors and target audience. We held a professional photo shoot to accumulate content for all digital initiatives. 


On the 12th of May, we welcomed Her Majesty Queen Azizah of Malaysia, other royal guests and key figures from Malaysia, journalists and influencers for a private event for the launch of Meet Bros. Posh Cockney booked and managed suppliers, including the entertainment, a custom step-and-repeat board, two large-scale balloon installations, the AV system, a red carpet, ribbon for the ribbon cutting and cocktail tables. We provided professional photography and videography services and captured live social media content. Posh Cockney helped manage the operations and flow of the event. We developed a run sheet and organised event day management, and as there were royal guests, we adjusted plans to meet security protocols.

Beyond the launch event, we invited journalists and influencers to review and post about Meet Bros throughout May and June. We heavily pushed social media initiatives and set up Meta, and Google paid ads. Additionally, we began our bi-monthly email marketing campaign, offering a free treat offer upon sign-up. 

We slowly transitioned into our post-launch strategy beginning with Father’s Day on the 18th of June, while we solidified and scheduled our post-launch Q3 and Q4 plans.

The Results

Posh Cockney’s May and June end-of-month reports revealed the overwhelming success of Meet Bros’ introduction to the UK.

The launch event was a huge success, driving a massive spike in social media and website traffic. From May to the end of June, our Instagram account grew to over 5,250 followers and website traffic to nearly 18,500 users. A successful Instagram collaboration with @halalmemoirs reached over 390,000 accounts. The media featured Meet Bros in nine publications.

Two months in, the restaurant is bustling, with up to 230 bookings on weekend days. Meet Bros surpassed its goal of 120 bookings on Father’s Day with 184 reservations made, plus walk-ins. Posh Cockney is determined to keep momentum with its upcoming marketing, social media and PR activations. 

What's next?


Going forward, Posh Cockney will grow Meet Bros’ brand awareness, presence and preference in London through our pos-launch strategy, with our key campaigns revolving around summer break, Malaysian celebrations in the early autumn and Christmas. Meet Bros will soon launch their breakfast, lunch and kids menus and promotions, which Posh Cockney has designed strategic creative campaigns to execute. 

In addition to developing these in-restaurant promotions and discounts, we began promoting private events and parties, outreaching out to corporate businesses, community groups and networking organisations. In August, we will support Meet Bros’ plan and execute their booth at a large Malaysian festival with vendors and merchandisers with anticipated 5,000 guests. Like the launch event, we will source decor suppliers and entertainment and help manage the event.

We continue to push on social media and email marketing campaigns. In addition to our continued focus on influencer collaborations, our PR focus is on getting Meet Bros into “Top Ten” lists for things to do in London and other target audience-specific publications. Our team will increase its web reach through organic SEO blog writing and paid ads. 

The Posh Cockney team has thoroughly enjoyed working with this international client! We will use its lessons and expertise to continue supporting Meet Bros and restaurants and hotels that are ready to leap into the UK market. 

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Posh Cockney was hired to provide Marketing, PR, and Social Media services for Andaz London - a 5-star luxury lifestyle hotel located in the heart of East London. This case study will focus on the integration of Posh Cockney as an extension of the hotel’s Marcomms team to generate buzz within the local market through storytelling, partnerships, and brand activations.

Upon signing with the client, Posh Cockney proposed ideas that would achieve the objectives set in the RFP - one of which was the #BeWhoYouAre campaign. This social media-led campaign aimed to create an online viral movement and obtain lots of positive press. Ultimately, increasing search and web traffic, social media following and engagement, and brand awareness.

The proposal intended to integrate local brands and communities to communicate the brand’s ethos of embracing its surroundings – thus, allowing its guests to enter the hotel premises as travellers and leave as locals.

Our Objective

Andaz London came to Posh Cockney intending to elevate the overall brand awareness of the hotel and its five restaurant and bar outlets. The three main areas of focus were:

Andaz London Liverpool Street (Overall hotel positioning) - Strengthen brand awareness and the hotel’s positioning as the leading vibrant, creative, and inspiring lifestyle hotel in East London
Food and Beverage Outlets - Raise profile and awareness of Andaz London’s dining options individually as high-street brands
Events & Weddings - Raise awareness of the unique and diverse event venue options

However, the main objectives of this campaign focused on the following:

Generating brand awareness for Andaz London across the Greater London area, and gaining extensive exposure for the brand and hotel to the target audience. Posh Cockney aimed to achieve this through a viral social media campaign and positive press coverage.

The said target audience set by Andaz London was the following:

- 25-45-year-olds
- Businessmen/women
- Creatives
- Londoners
- People living in cities and towns at the ends of rail lines connected to Liverpool Street Station


Posh Cockney spent one-month learning about Andaz from the inside and out. With history weaved throughout the building and the brand, there was plenty to shout about. However, in the process of planning this campaign, the team faced a few challenges, one of which was the need for a marketing budget for the rest of the year. This posed a threat to the campaign as it involved working with global and local brands and influencers. Thus, our approach needed to take this into consideration.

Another obstacle we had to overcome was the lack of responses from global and local brands and influencers. Therefore, we ramped up our email marketing campaign by ethically sourcing emails to get in touch with respective employees working under each brand.

Once the timeline and the strategy were finalised, we were set to carry out all tasks necessary to make this campaign successful. Leading up to the online launch and the launch event, a series of unprecedented events occurred thus postponing both launches. Posh Cockney worked closely with the Andaz London team through weekly virtual meetings to discuss the plan of action to launch the campaign at an appropriate time to achieve the set objectives.

Our Approach

Key members of the team were invited to immerse themselves in the hotel to provide feedback on its 5-star service and to fully understand the Andaz brand from the inside out. Alongside this, in-depth market research was undertaken to layout the foundation and timeline of the campaign. As the target audience was set by Andaz, our job was to create the campaign message that would appeal to the selected demographic. 

As this was the first summer without any restrictions, our team assessed the current marketing trends to guide us in constructing a campaign message and strategy that would strengthen brand awareness and positioning of the hotel. We anticipated trends such as the opening of the Elizabeth line that would bring an influx of local travellers, and the growing conversations surrounding inclusivity and diversity, whilst integrating these trends into the interesting stories behind the Andaz brand. 

We identified the most appropriate time to launch the campaign by laying out key dates for the remainder of 2022. We highlighted September as an ideal period due to locals returning from holidays, and would allow us to either include them in the campaign or invite them to the launch party. Leading up to the launch, we spent two months reaching out to brands to sponsor the event, invite guests, and capture campaign content. Once we had captured content, we moved onto planning the launch party – with the help of the PR and Social Media teams, over 60 influencers and [number] of journalists were invited to the launch event. We had Moet & Chandon sponsor beverage for the event, whilst we liaised with Andaz London to put together the food offering from each of the six F&B outlets they had for the #BWYA launch party. 

What we did 

With all our campaigns, we began doing market research as we had hoped to launch the campaign in July. However, this eventually was pushed to September as we identified a prime time to target the selected audience. We then drafted the campaign message which was signed off by the client, and served as our guide to accomplishing tasks to launch the campaign online and through an event. 


The specific tasks undertaken involved:

  • Logo and website design
  • Research on relevant brands and influencers for a partnership
  • Email marketing reach out to local and global brands
  • Gather and interview participants (which included guests, employees, and partnering brands)
  • Create the press release
  • Edit the campaign photos and videos 
  • FAM Trips to Andaz London with participating brands
  • Plan out the launch event 
  • Schedule posting for the next 4-months
  • Plan out activations following the launch event

 Once all had been planned out, we moved on to event planning and management, which involved the following tasks: 

    • Creating the guestlist (influencers and journalists)
    • Invitation Creation
    • Creation of event collateral
    • Send out RSVPs
  • Weekly Client Meetings

The Results

As this was a social media-led campaign, the results came back outstandingly positive for Andaz London. The campaign was shared across three platforms: Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. The results showed that upon launching, there were almost 100 tagged stories and posts on the Andaz London Instagram account. On the day of the event, they gained 236 new followers, with over 108% of new accounts reached and impressions boosted by 217%. To ensure engagement was consistent for their Instagram account at this time, a story prompt reel was created and gained almost 5,000 views. With the increase in posts and reach on Instagram, many of the posts urged viewers to visit the #BeWhoYouAre website which housed the interview videos and biographies of each participant. The results of the campaign showed that the website had reached over 1.4k users within the first month of launch, and reported that most users directly clicked the link from posts on social media. 


Whereas from a PR perspective, the campaign generated six pieces of coverage, which not only mentioned the campaign but opened up a platform for Andaz London to discuss other topics such as the hotel appointing a new director of Human Resources and providing the General Manager, Mario Flanagan with a platform to be introduced as the ‘Hotel Expert’. Features were included in notable publications such as Hotel Owner – a must-read publication for UK hoteliers and hotel managers, and Conde Nast Traveler – a luxury and lifestyle travel magazine. These features accumulated an estimated publication-wide viewership of 262k with an approximate 7.38k views based on audience reach and engagement.

What's next?

The launch of the campaign opened various opportunities for Andaz London to further the conversation on inclusivity, and diversity and celebrate creativity through collaborations with different brands and new audiences. In December 2022, Andaz London is working with Black Girl Knit Club to bring a festive pom-pom workshop for hotel guests, BGKC members and Londoners to enjoy. 

As an extension to celebrating creativity and self-expression, the luxury hotel is collaborating with the University of Westminster to bring East London an engrossing art showcase featuring artwork from Fine Art, Illustration and Photography students. This aims to bring together hotel guests, students and families together at Andaz London. 

Looking forward to 2023, Andaz London will be hosting the participating designers, Electronic Sheep, for a retail popup just after London Fashion Week and leading up to St. Patrick’s Day. This provides Andaz with the opportunity to tap into their fanbase located in Ireland as well as across the Greater London area.  

To quote the general manager, Mario Flanagan, “Andaz London is so much more than just a hotel… Every Andaz hotel aims for guests to arrive as visitors and leave as locals, embodying the local area at every opportunity… This is going to be a hugely exciting few months – we have lots planned and I know this is just the beginning.” 

He is right, this is only the beginning for Andaz and Posh Cockney are on the lookout for more brands and activations that will continue to push this important message around London City and beyond.


“Posh Cockney are hands on and have delivered successful events and campaigns for Andaz London in a short period. Their work on the #BeWhoYouAre campaign is a great example of this.” – Saakshi Verma, Marketing and Communications Manager, Andaz London

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Posh Cockney’s 2022 Highlights

What a year! 2022 has been a massive year for Posh Cockney. As we approach the Christmas break and the team looks forward to a well-earned rest, we wanted to take a look at some of our highlights throughout the year. 

Venue Openings 

We started off the year by launching Em Sherif in Harrods, bringing the brand to the UK for the first time. Working closely with the Harrods team, we offered full Marketing and PR services including website creation and video and photography production. 

In the spring, we helped open the doors to St Martin’s House in Seven Dials. Our first big launch party post-winter lockdowns was a huge success. 

Posh Cockney teamed up with Barrio Familia to launch their first out of London venue, Barrio Watford. Alongside this, we also launched Barrio Covent Garden, their new flagship venue in London. You can find out more about the Barrio Covent Garden launch here. 

We already have three exciting launched planned for early 2023, so watch this space. 

New Recruits

The Posh Cockney team has expanded in all directions this year. Renee Chavarika has joined us as Head of Digital Media, bringing a wealth of experience across paid ads and influencer management. The social media team has seen the addition of Elle Grimes, Zahraa Kadum, and Rachael Doran, each bringing something new and fresh to the team. 

Franklin Adams has joined Posh Cockney as a copywriter, adding another dynamic to the agency and strengthening our copy across all divisions. Kate O’Malley joins us as an Account Manager. The PR team has been joined by Olivia Gumus and Dee Okusanya, with Alice Jupp stepping up to PR manager. 

Formerly Head of PR and Communications, Emma Bolton will be taking on the role of Account Director in 2023, continuing to maintain fantastic client relationships and leading the team. 


We are very excited to have been announced as the Best Hospitality and PR Marketing Agency in London in the LuxLife Awards 2022. As well as this, we have been awarded the Most Innovative Hospitality & Lifestyle Consultancy award by Corporate Vision. 


2023 is set to be our best year yet. We are thrilled to have made a name for ourselves in the Hospitality sector and now feels like the perfect time to expand into other industries. We look forward to taking on clients from the tech, retail, travel, and lifestyle sectors in the new year. 

Alongside the expansion of our PR and Marketing services, Posh Cockney Events and Travel & Concierge will be taking things up a notch in the new year. 

Get in touch with Posh Cockney today.


International Football at Andaz London


With the World Cup fast approaching, our long-term client, Andaz London, required a recurring where Londoners could watch the World Cup. This case study outlines how we did that along with the campaign results.

Our Objective

To create and promote an event for the World Cup within Andaz London that generates revenue for the hotel.


Due to brand guidelines, we were unable to use the term ‘World Cup’ when referring to the event. Communications-wise, this provided the challenge of being unable to implement Google Ads due to search terms.

Our Approach

We settled on the event title ‘International Football at Andaz London’ as well as listing matches by the game name. This proved successful and we had no issues with ticket sales due to the name.

What we did 

Firstly, we worked closely with the onsite team to create an event package that would be desirable to guests as well as profitable for Andaz London. We set up a partnership with Heineken Silver, who provided beer for each match. Once agreed, we listed the event on Design My Night.

A press release was created and circulated to all relevant press to announce the event.

The event was promoted via Instagram on both the grid and the stories. We reshared this a few days prior to each match to drive further awareness.

On LinkedIn, we focused on a more B2B approach, encouraging businesses to book Andaz London for their teams to watch the games. 

The Results

We gained 5 pieces of press coverage with an estimated 3M audience and 37K views, all focused on where to watch the World Cup in London.

All England games sold out at the Andaz Studio.

What's next?

We will continue to work with Andaz London and use the success of this event to inform future campaigns.

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Launching Barrio Covent Garden


We were approached by Barrio Familia to handle all PR for the launch of their 5th and largest venue in Covent Garden.

Our Objective

To create a buzz around the opening of Barrio’s largest venue opening through PR and a launch party.


The Covent Garden venue is a very large space with a capacity of 600 people. That meant we needed a guest list of around 1,000 people to guarantee a full venue. Rail strikes caused us a huge challenge and led to us needing to change the event date twice and having to resend all invites to the entire guest list.

Our Approach

We worked closely with the Barrio team as well as Nightcap’s PR team to plan a PR strategy and launch event that would continue to drive bookings as well as create a huge PR buzz. 

What we did 

We created and sent out an initial press release, announcing that Barrio Familia was taking over the former Tropicana Beach Club site in Covent Garden. The focus was on trade, hospitality, business, and consumer press both in London and nationally. We used the fact that the site is believed to be ‘The World’s Largest Tequila Bar’ as a hook, as well as a quote from Nightcap CEO and former Dragon’s Den Sarah Willingham. 

Next, we focused on the launch event, creating a target list of London-based journalists and influencers. We also invited local businesses in order to support the Barrio events team and drive future bookings. We invited approximately two thousand people in order to have a guestlist of one thousand attendees. 

Posh Cockney also organised the step and repeat board as well as the paparazzi for the event.


The Results

The initial press release landed 15 pieces of coverage with an estimated 97.6k views.

During the week of the launch event, there was a 300% increase in Instagram engagement on the Barrio channels.

What's next?

We will continue to support Barrio with their upcoming campaigns and ensure we drive bookings for Covent Garden alongside the other sites.

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Andaz Hotel joins the Posh Cockney Family

We have some exciting news!

After a competitive two-stage pitching process, Posh Cockney has been selected by Andaz Hotel, London as their new PR and Marketing agency. 

Posh Cockney will manage all communications including PR and Social Media for both Andaz Hotel and its five F&B sites. 

Andaz London Liverpool Street is a luxury lifestyle hotel with 267 spacious guest rooms, situated adjacent to Liverpool Street station. Whilst part of the Hyatt group, the hotel embodies its South London persona with modern decor and an ethos of being your true self. 

Posh Cockney CEO Liam Norval commented:

“Andaz London Liverpool Street is an incredible hotel and we can’t wait to get started. This is a fantastic partnership and we are very excited to work alongside their team, putting creative and strategic plans in place to improve their brand awareness and boost weekend bookings.”

We are very excited to get creative with incredible campaigns for this exciting new client – watch this space!

Luxury Hotel in City of London | Andaz London (


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Iftar menu

Iftar at Ritu


Our client, Ritu, is an Indian restaurant based in St John’s Wood. They created a special Iftar menu that would run for the month of Ramadan.

Our Objective

To promote the menu across all platforms, driving bookings for the Iftar menu.


We received the finalised Iftar menu and images just two weeks prior to the menu going live, therefore allowing only a short window for promotion. We had a very limited budget on this campaign, so all Social Media and PR coverage had to be organic.

Our Approach

Using high-quality assets, we targeted a specific audience through digital marketing, social media and PR.

What we did 

First, we assisted Ritu in designing the menu and arranged a shoot to ensure we had high-quality images of the Iftar menu.

We specified our target audience: those observing Ramadan in the local area, and those willing to travel from other London locations.

Next, we created a landing page on the Ritu website, containing the menu and a booking link along with information about Iftar to help the page rank higher within Google Search. 



A press release was created and sent to a targeted media list, which included local, London, halal-focused and hospitality publications.

We kept a close eye on journalist requests to ensure we were up to date and ready to jump on any reactive PR. 


Influencer Marketing


We invited a small, select group of Muslim influencers to Ritu to try the Iftar menu and share their experience with their followers.


Social Media


For this campaign, we kept Ritu’s content organic, rather than opting for paid posts. We posted regular images of the Iftar menu on Ritu’s Instagram grid, along with stories linking to the Iftar landing page.

As well as this, we posted a link to the Iftar menu in local Facebook community groups. 




A newsletter was created and sent out to Ritu’s mailing list, informing everyone of the Iftar menu. 

The Results

Whilst this campaign was small, it had very positive results, selling 53 covers.

We gained four pieces of press coverage, which produced an estimated 54k views overall. These included an editorial listing in Hot-Dinners, features in Feed the Lion and Halal Girl about Town, and a reactive PR story in My London.

The Iftar landing page had 217 views across the month, the majority of those being driven from social media and the Hot-Dinners feature.

What's next?

We will continue to work with Ritu on future campaigns. What we have learnt from this is that we need a longer lead time to ensure a longer promotion period, along with a small budget for paid social media posts and collaborations. 

Key Services Supplied

  • Marketing – Traditional and Digital
  • PR – Press releases/Influencer and Press engagement
  • Content Creation – SEO/Photography/Videography/Blog writing
  • Social Media Management
  • Reporting – Weekly/Monthly
  • Email Marketing
  • Strategic Planning

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