Posh Cockney Recruitment have been head hunting for the past year - Aaron Sinkia is one of our biggest success stories. Not only has he found his ideal job, but the venue has been transformed and taken to a whole new level.

Our Objective

Cafe de Paris is a well known and loved night club in central London, they needed a new general manager that will give the venue the make over it needed to be put back at the top of London’s favourite nightclub venues.


Cafe de Paris is a historic venue in central London. Here at Posh Cockney, we knew that Aaron’s modern visions were exactly what the venue needed, but we also had to help him convince the higher management to see the venue in a new way.
We had many applications from some excellent candidates, a lot of time had to be dedicated to thoroughly checking each person, to ensure that they were a perfect match for the job.

Our Approach

We sourced some of the best candidates from around London, from different backgrounds, all bringing something different to the table.

We created an interview structure that allowed us to feel confident in our candidates, before presenting them to our client.

What we did 

Posh cockney found Aaron Sinkia and put him through a number of interviews, first with ourselves and then directly with the client.

We brokered the deal between Cafe de Paris and Aaron and created the bonus structure for the client, ensuring both parties were very happy with the arrangement put in place.

We reviewed how the relationship was going in the early stages of his employment, before leaving Aaron to work his magic at the venue.

The Results

Aaron Sinkia is one of our biggest success stories.

Not only has he found the perfect position for himself, but he has transformed the venue and brought it back to the centre of the London night club scene.

With brand new event nights, a re-thought out group of staff and fantastic marketing, he has made Cafe de Paris his own.

What's next?

Sadly, Aaron had to take the decision to temporarily close Cafe de Paris in line with the government’s Covid 19 guidelines.

We know he is working hard behind the scenes to ensure that they reopen with a bang and continue their success.

Key Services Supplied

  • Head Hunting
  • Interviewing
  • Contract Brokering
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