The brand new, audio only, social media app that everyone is talking about.

If you enjoy thought-provoking conversation, networking, and motivation, this is the app you’ve been waiting for. And you may even find yourself having those conversations with A list Hollywood celebs – want to know more?

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse lets you drop into different chat rooms and listen to or join conversations, a bit like dropping into your favourite podcast or radio show, but this time you can join the conversation (if the chat moderate allows this). The app has even been used for X Factor-style auditions for Broadway shows such as Hamilton and Dream Girls.

In a world where social media has been having incredibly negative effects on people’s mental health, mainly due to body image, this app could hold huge benefits for the future of social media.

The idea, a spokesperson told The Evening Standard, is to create “a social experience that is focused on connection, learning, and authentic conversations, where people close the app feeling better than they did when they opened it because they have deepened friendships, met new people and learned. The focus is on dialogue and connection, rather than likes or followers.”

The conversations cannot be recorded, allowing people to speak more freely, without what they have said hitting the headlines the following day. This also gives an extra layer of exclusivity to anyone who has joined the chat room.

How do I join?

The app is currently running on a member only basis. To become a member, you must be invited, and each member is allowed to invite one person (with three extra allowed after some time).

Current users include celebrities such as Oprah, Estelle, Drake, and Ashton Kutcher. The star-studded app has a very Hollywood vibe to it, however, it is slowly starting to grow in popularity in the UK.

One current drawback is that the app is only available on Apple devices, leaving Android users feeling like they are missing out. And this is certainly the case according to our CEO Liam Norval, who recently downloaded the app.

“I have recently joined Clubhouse and my mind is blown. It seems like the perfect app for someone like me who, last year, started the Posh Cockney Podcast and Posh Cockney TV. I love connecting with inspirational people and on Clubhouse, it seems that there are inspirational chats going on with some of the biggest names in the world, every hour of every day, across so many different industries. There is so much sharing and so much positivity, it really does look like the future of social media. People are connecting with people on topics that they are genuinely interested in. I am really excited about this app. I’m just 24 hours into being a member and I’m planning how I’m going to use it to the best of my abilities. Watch this space because Posh Cockney and Liam Norval will be making waves on Clubhouse very soon.”

The app is currently still in beta testing stages and may look to be made available to all soon. This is certainly just the beginning of things for Clubhouse and we are very excited to watch how it develops.

If you are already a Clubhouse member, give your CEO a follow @poshcockney.