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5 reasons why you should hire a marketing agency

What can’t you do that a marketing agency can? This is the question on every business owner’s lips. You’re doing the marketing leg work alongside running your business and everything’s fine, right? Well, what if things were going great instead? That’s where a marketing agency comes in. They can sweep you off your feet, set you in your chair and give you a moment to breathe.

A marketing agency does the easy stuff, the hard stuff and all the stuff in between. But don’t take our word for it! In this blog, we discuss five reasons why you should hire a marketing agency to deliver results for your business. 

Expert opinions and insight

A marketing agency will consist of people who live and breathe marketing. That means trained, qualified professionals with skills to match your needs will be overseeing your marketing strategy. That’s priceless right? Instead of figuring it out on your own, you can lean on the support and expert advice of your marketing agency as they navigate business growth. 

Bold, creative ideas

Another crucial thing to consider when hiring a marketing agency, is how fresh and creative their ideas are. A marketing agency that can match your ideas and develop them into creative strategies as well as come up with their own unique ideas is unmatched. Most marketing agencies will have specialists in digital marketing and design. This means the team is made up of creatives, which is especially good if you have a niche business that may be struggling with how to present itself in the media. 

More time for you to do what’s important

As a business owner, you’ll know full well that time is money. Leaving the marketing stuff to the marketing experts allows you more time and energy to develop other aspects of the business. You’ll have more time to build customer relationships, improve operations and expand your services. Now doesn’t that sound like a good deal!

Access to more tools and data

Are you spending money left, right and centre on the newest digital marketing tools? Are you paying for design tools, email tools and analytics tools but not really knowing where to start? Switching to a marketing agency will solve these problems and save you money in the long run. Agencies have all the access to the latest marketing tools to keep them competitive. This means you’ll benefit from the variety of tools they have and the data they produce so you can make more informed decisions about your strategies without breaking the bank. 

Immediate start

Hiring a marketing executive onto your permanent staff will involve a probationary period, training and building trust. When you hire a marketing agency, there’s none of that. The agency can start straight away with optimising your marketing strategies and implementing their tools. That means if you’re looking to boost your sales now, you can get that support as soon as possible, rather than hiring someone and waiting for them to learn the ropes. The benefit of this is that it’s both time and money saved, which is great for your business in the long run. 

We hope this blog helps you understand the benefits of hiring a marketing agency to help your business grow. Whilst business owners wear many hats, a marketing hat isn’t one they have to wear! The best part of a marketing agency is the knowledge and experience they bring with them, ensuring that your business is in the best possible hands. 

Is Posh Cockney the right marketing agency for you?

At Posh Cockney, we specialise in marketing and PR for the hospitality and event industries. Whether you’re a new restaurant, hotel or catering company, our services will help you hit the ground running. 

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