The Importance of a Company Website

‘I have social media, so I don’t need a website!’ – a phrase we hear time and time again. Whilst social media is an incredibly important and powerful business tool, the need for a professional website is still as strong as ever.

A website provides a central location for consumers to head to, to find out everything they need to know about your business, as well as how to contact you and how to book your service or buy your product.

According to a recent study, 75% of customers admit to making a judgement about a company’s credibility based on the professionalism (or lack of) of their website and 30% of consumers won’t even consider a business without a website.

A well-made website can give visitors a real taste of what your brand represents. If you are a luxury brand with a clunky, difficult to use, slow loading website, your potential customers are probably going to very quicky head somewhere else. This is often the first place people will look to find out more information about your company, so why wouldn’t you invest in it!?

If you are a restaurant that specialises in Vegan dishes, wouldn’t you love to be the company at the top of that Google list when a potential customer searches for ‘Vegan Restaurants’? Now, it is going to take a lot more hard work than just creating a website to make that happen, but if you don’t even have a website to start with, you really have no chance – you have to be in it to win it!

Have you noticed an increase in companies creating blogs and publishing regular content on their websites recently? (Guilty!) There is a reason for that. Regular content like blogs and case studies will boost your domain authority, meaning you will rank higher on Google organically.

If the thought of creating your own website terrifies you, Posh Cockney can help. Whether it’s revamping an existing site, or starting from scratch, our team will take the time to get to know your brand and create the perfect website for you. If SEO and Google Analytics fries your brain, we have experts in SEO and Google ads, as well as incredible content creators and web developers. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you create the perfect website for your business, and drive customers to your site, creating fantastic ROI. Contact us now –

The Perfect Winter Escape

Ready to book a flight and get away from it all? How does a private, Luxury Ski Chalet in the French Alps sound?

Posh Cockney have a range of beautiful Chalets available, sleeping up to 15 guests, situated in both France and Switzerland.

Escape the madness this winter, and jet off to a luxury escape, surrounded by fir trees and snowy mountains.


Chalet Olga is a 6 bedroom, luxury Chalet with incredible mountain views. Facilities include a spa, gym, home cinema, 3 elevators and all of the gadgets! The Chalet comes with its own housekeeper, chef, butler, and driver.

This is just one of a huge selection of incredible winter getaways. Perfect for friends and family that love adventure and skiing, and also for those who would prefer to opt for a hot drink whilst admiring the breath-taking scenery.

Take a look at our full selection of winter escapes here.

Posh Cockney Social Media Marketing

Posh Cockney initially began as a dedicated social media marketing agency before growing and developing other divisions. As such, social media remains at the heart of our marketing campaigns. As social media specialists, we have deep end-to-end knowledge of how to utilise social media for business and how it integrates and benefits other channels such as influencer marketing and SEO.

You will have a dedicated social media Account Manager who will execute all your brand’s activities across your chosen mix of Social Media Channels including customer engagement through comments, direct message and likes.

Your Account Manager will ensure all content is released in the most effective way through optimising the use of locations, hashtags, posting times and reach amplification. Want to target a specific group of people in a specific country? We can make sure your content is seen by exactly the right people, growing your brand and creating excellent ROI.

Your Account Manager will be reachable at all times and will provide you with monthly reports to shed light on your brands social media performance.

Your Posh Cockney team will provide management on the following social media platforms: Instagram / Facebook / LinkedIn / Google My Business / Twitter / Pinterest / TikTok

Various engagement and targeting projects can also be actioned including: Events, demographics, competitor and existing community engagement driven targeting.

Love it or hate it, social media has become an incredibly powerful tool for marketing and brand growth. Nearly 50% of the world’s population uses social media, and if you want to target Millennials, over 90% of them are social media users. Our team will carry out extensive market research, ensuring the best possible social media marketing campaign for your brand.

Posh Cockney Recruitment

Recently been made redundant? Looking for your next career move? Posh Cockney can help.

In recent months, jobs that were once thought to be stable and a safe career choice, have now become uncertain and many people are unfortunately falling victim to Covid business cuts.

The most recent survey, shows that there are currently 1.5 million people unemployed (that’s people who are able to work, are looking for a job but cannot find one) in the UK. And we all know that this number is very likely to rise over the next six months.

If you are highly skilled in the world of Hospitality and know you have what it takes to bring something incredible to a business, wouldn’t it be great to have a company behind you with an extensive contact list in the industry and a reputation for matching the perfect candidate to a job?

Whilst things may not be looking great for Hospitality at the moment, we know that by the time summer comes around, the UK is going to be desperate to get back to all of their favourite bars, clubs and restaurants. Hospitality will come back with a bang and exciting new venues will be opening.

Posh Cockney are looking for the UK’s top new talent. Whether you have recently been made redundant or are looking for your next dream career move, we want to hear from you.

Similarly, if you are a venue or business looking for new killer talent, we can guarantee to find you the perfect fit for your company. We take time to get to know both the business and the candidates, to ensure we fully understand the needs and requirements from both. Our team is passionate about hospitality and bringing out the very best in people and businesses.

Take a look at our recent case study, to see how Aaron Sinkia took on his new role as General Manager at Café de Paris, and instantly turned the business around. We love to see our clients succeed and can’t wait to continue this into 2021.

Bottomless Brunch, Kids Eat Free and more at The Bosporus UK

 Last month, despite many setbacks, The Bosporus UK opened its doors to guests, serving incredible Turkish cuisine.

London’s Leicester Square is the new home for this Dubai born restaurant, transporting you across the globe without leaving the heart of London. Where the Turkish roots and culture of yesterday, meet the highest quality and standards of today.

 From 24th October to 1st November, children under 10 can eat free at The Bosporus UK

Situated in the heart of London’s Leicester Square, Bosporus is in the perfect location for a pitstop for hungry little ones, during your day out in the capital.

The Bosporus has a fantastic Kids Menu, with something for everyone. For the more adventurous eaters, they can try the Mini Döner or Mini Lahmacun. For those little ones that aren’t quite ready to step out of their comfort zone, we have a beautiful pasta in tomato sauce, served with French fries.

Bosporus Breakfast Offer

From 9am – 12pm every day, you can enjoy our Istanbul Breakfast or Healthy Breakfast, with unlimited juice or Turkish Tea, for just £10.

The Istanbul breakfast includes cheese, cold meats, su burak cheese, olives, honey, pekmez, butter and a mixed vegetables platter.

And for the healthier option, egg (boiled), low fat cheese, brown bread, yoghurt with fruits, dried fruits (fig and apricot), mixed nuts and sliced fruits.

Did someone say, Brunch!?

If there is one positive to come out of the latest government restrictions, it’s that we now all have another excuse to go for Brunch!

Every day from 11am – 4pm, Bosporus has an incredible 3 course Bottomless Brunch menu for just £35. That’s right, unlimited prosecco, beer or mocktails to accompany your delicious, traditional Turkish Cuisine.

Love Shisha? Add one to your brunch off for an extra £12!

Try the incredible Tuvac Shish Kebab – Char-grilled chicken cubes, served on lavash bread and sided by bulgur rice or the Antep Lahmacum – Thin and crispy Turkish flatbread topped with a slow cooked sauce made with minced meat, tomato and peppers.

All of Bosporus’ restaurants are managed by passionate culinary professionals with Turkish roots and great knowledge about the foods that they will be serving you.

Watch the world go by from a beautiful, heated terrace in the heart of London’s Leicester Square whilst you enjoy a drink, shisha or make your way through our menu full of delicious Turkish dishes.


Why not stop by for a Turkish Tea or Coffee during your day out in London, or escape the mid-week hump by enjoying cocktails and shisha after work.

Bosporus is the perfect destination for families and friends looking to make unforgettable memories over magical Turkish Food.

Opening times:

Monday – Sunday:  9am – 10pm

Keep up to date and visit the Bosporus website at or check out their Instagram page @thebosporusuk.

Virtual Christmas Parties with Posh Cockney

The Office Christmas Party. Historically an alcohol fuelled night, where employers and employees can let their hair down, relax after a busy year, and create memories that will be told in the form of office gossip for much of the following year.

But this year, Christmas parties are going to look a little bit different.

For many people, the last 6 months have been spent working from home, team moral may be down and many struggle with keeping motivated whilst solo working. This year, more than ever, I think we can all agree on the importance of getting everyone together and having some fun.

Posh Cockney can help. We are offering bespoke, Virtual Christmas Party Packages. These will create a unique way for business leaders to thank employees for their work, encourage community and creativity and of course, have a lot of fun.

Options include a Live Streamed Winter Event, including party boxes, live streamed performances, karaoke and much more. Looking for a way to show off your new Tik Tok skills? We can create a festive Talent Show for you, showcasing the best video entries and allowing others to vote for their favourite.

Or why not have a go at a Virtual Cocktail Masterclass or Virtual Craft Beer tasting!? We really do have something for everyone and we can’t wait to work with you and create a Christmas party experience to remember. Get in touch with us today to find out more .

Did you watch the Hospitality Titans Live?

60 minutes, 6 Titans, 6 inspiring stories of business in Hospitality. Did you tune in to watch Hospitality Titans Live? If you missed it, do not worry, you can watch the full episode here.

Our panellists chat through some of the most important issues in the Hospitality Industry right now, as well as sharing their stories of who they are, and why they are where they are today. In a time when a lot of the news for our industry can be all doom and gloom, our 6 Hospitality Titans, find the positive and help us to understand where we can all grow from here.

Meet our Members: Liam Norval Posh Cockney CEO, Pete Warden Hospitality Director at LXA, Jennifer Cochrane CEO of Getahead, Morris Greenberg Managing Director at CDG Leisure, Frederick Szydlowski Co-founder of Embargo App and Michelle Moreno Managing Director at QAB Hospitality.

First up is the topic of the pedestrianizing of central London. Frederick explains that London is one of the only capital cities in the world not to already have this in place and hopes that it will stay for the post Covid future. And of course, the less positive topic of the 10pm curfew, Jennifer Cochrane comments that not only does the curfew have a negative impact on the industry, it is also dangerous to people’s health, with groups piling onto a busy tube, buying cheap alcohol from the shops, and drinking at home.

Property expert Morris Greenberg gives an insightful talk about the changes in the types of property buyers are looking for in London at the moment, with the emphasis being on outdoor space. With many restaurants sadly having to close their doors permanently, that leaves many London venues, with fully fitted out kitchens, vacant and ready for a new buyer. Is 202o the year of the start-up? Are we gong to see a huge change in the types of restaurants we see in Central London?

It’s time for Jennifer Cochrane to take the stage, talking us through an insightful presentation, explaining her businesses Getahead and Work Inspired. Mental health in the work place is now even more important than ever, with businesses having to adapt to the ‘new normal’ and many people fearing for their jobs. Work Inspired helps companies to develop a bespoke wellness program that works with in their business.

The Embargo App has had some fantastic press coverage recently, Frederick Szydlowski talks through his plans for the business and how freezing payments through lockdown, has helped to retain his customer loyalty.

Michelle Moreno is the Managing Director of QAB Hospitality. Michelle wants to be part of the movement that helps people to be better, that understands the need for teaching positive psychology across all areas. She talks through an incredibly interesting presentation on what it takes to be a great leader.

If you haven’t watched this episode yet, you are missing out. Every single one of our panellists has an inspirational story to share.

Here you meet six of our members, but the Hospitality Titans is growing rapidly, with more members signing up every day. The Hospitality Titans aims to set out the new blueprint for the future of Hospitality. We want to connect fresh new ideas, with the people that can make it happen.

Do you want to be a Titan? Get in touch with us today.


Emma Bolton | PR Assistant | |

Titans Assemble

On Tuesday 6th October we will hold the first meeting of the Hospitality Titans – and you can join them! At 12pm GMT the meeting will be streamed live on Posh Cockney TV. This is your chance to meet our panel of Hospitality Experts as they discuss what is happening in the industry right now.

Twenty twenty is not over; the hospitality industry is fighting back. The Hospitality Titans are here to set a new blueprint of what the hospitality industry is set to become. This platform will allow new talent to showcase their ideas in an open forum amongst the industry elite. Where bright ideas can meet investors that are passionate about the future of Hospitality.

Their mission is to spread a positive message and support their peers in these challenging times. Their goal is to become the new voice of hospitality.

Hospitality Titans live will give you exclusive access to listen in on what The Titans are doing to help the industry come back from this pandemic, bigger and better than ever.

Panellists include: Liam Norval Posh Cockney CEO, Pete Warden Hospitality director at LXA, Jennifer Cochrane CEO of Getahead, Morris Greenberg Managing director at CDG Leisure, Frederick Szydlowski Co-founder of Embargo App and Michelle Moreno Managing Director at QAB Hospitality.

To watch the live stream, head over to Posh Cockney TV.


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Posh Cockney Productions has Landed

Posh Cockney Productions has landed. We are ready to create engaging content that will bring your business to life. Whether it’s podcasts, YouTube videos, photography or bespoke product videos, Posh Cockney Productions is here for you.

Ever wondered how you can connect with new consumers? Do you want to increase your reach? How does 100k viewers a month sound? We grew Posh Cockney TV from 0 viewers to 100,000 viewers in just six weeks. With our CEO Liam Norval and our highly skilled team by your side, we can grow your brand and get it to reach your target market, quickly and effectively.

YouTube has 2 Billion active users every, single month. If your business isn’t utilising that platform…why not!? Now is the perfect time to create quality, bespoke content, and allow it to grab consumer attention, increasing your sales.

Our success is a clear case study of what we can do for you and your business. Incredible content, high quality filming and editing, an engaging audience and your brand at the heart of it all – What would you do with 100,000 new people seeing your business every month?

If you want to know our secret and how you can elevate your brand in ways you may think are unimaginable, please get in touch today!


Emma Bolton | PR Assistant | |

The final episode of London after Lockdown is here!

On this Kent Special Episode, Liam meets Marco from Pierluigi;s, Joe Courtney from Soul Town Festival, Alex from The Pearl and Leigh at Eatwell in Beckenham.

First stop is Pierluiggi’s, where Liam chats with Marco about how things have been for him since lockdown. This positive and refreshing interview is a great watch after a lot of negative hospitality news recently. Showing his initiative and creativity, Marco tells Liam the changes he has put into place, and how they have had a huge, positive impact on his business.

For some businesses that have been up and running for decades, it can be difficult for them to understand how social media and creative marketing can benefit their business. That certainly isn’t the case at Pierluigi, where Marco has learnt to use platforms like Instagram to help his business to keep on growing. Can fans of the restaurant expect to see a second branch opening soon? You’ll have to watch this week’s episode to find out.

Next we visit Joe Courtney at his new pub The Bulls Head. As well as owning two pubs, Joe is one of the brains behind Soul Town festival, which used its platform to help the NHS and others in the industry during Lockdown. That then developed into Door Step Sessions, which provided outdoor entertainment for anyone who was really struggling during lockdown. He explains the highs and lows over the last few months for him and how he hopes for things to build over the next year.


For location number three we head to The Pearl in Beckenham to speak to Alex and find out how he is adapting to post lockdown life. He explains to Liam how the local restaurants built a community to support each other and to get people in the area through the pandemic.

Finally, it’s time to head to Beckenham to speak to Leigh at Eatwell. “The after math of a nuclear Holocaust” is how Leigh describes post lockdown life at the start of the interview, but don’t worry, the chat takes a far more positive turn from there. Takings are up for the business compared to this time last year, perhaps local people are ready for that health kick and are stepping up to support their local businesses. He’s optimistic about the future and excited to see his brand grow.

For all of these interviews and a whole lot more, head over to Posh Cockney TV now! This will be the final episode in this series of London after Lockdown but it certainly isn’t the end of PCTV.

Emma Bolton | PR Assistant | |