The world of public relations is ever-changing. As we look forward to 2023, there are a few questions on every PR professional’s mind: How will changes in trends have an impact on social media channels? What will the implications of the rise and fall of certain social media apps be for us? Will AI play a larger role in the future and how can we utilise it? How can we be more inclusive and appreciate diversity? What are the best ways to keep up with what’s trending? 

Let’s explore these topics and see what the future has in store for us!

Third-party cookies

As the demand for internet users’ privacy has become more prominent, Google has decided to wave goodbye to third-party cookies. 

But what are third-party cookies? Third-party cookies are the way that websites track and gather information about the places we visit online. This is the reason we tend to see really specific ads that are spookily similar to things we have recently seen or looked up. The cookies pick up on our preferences, making targeted ads tailor-made for us! 

So, what does it mean now that Google is opting to stop third-party cookies altogether? It makes it harder for advertisers to track consumer activity, making re-marketing a challenge.

Here are some handy ways you can minimise the impact of this on your brand:

  • Strengthen customer relationships – A great way to do this is by creating content that is authentic and reliable. Consumers want a brand they can trust to come back to and recommend to their friends and social media audiences.
  • Use other ways to broaden your brand visibility – Maximise other forms of reaching potential customers, including social media, emails and traditional forms of media.
  • Make sure the customer journey is enjoyable from beginning to “end” – If customers have a good experience engaging with a brand they will come back for more.
  • Make good use of first-party cookies – These cookies track a user’s habits on the same website they are using. These can be used to create customised offers and emails, thus enhancing customer experience.

Social media

Users of Twitter and Instagram have recently been quite vocal about their displeasure with the apps and the direction they are going in.

social media

Instagram VS. TikTok

The push for reels and edging away from still images, which is how the app originally gained traction, has left a sour taste in the mouth of many loyal consumers. Not helping matters is the Instagram algorithm filling users’ main feeds with suggested posts. A common complaint is missing posts from those we actually follow and look forward to seeing. All of these issues have, in turn, lowered engagement. 

One way to combat this is to make sure the content created by your brand is genuinely interesting, to flip users’ reactions from being annoyed by random content, to interest and curiosity for something new. Another option, which many brands have been adopting, is leaning into the use of video-based apps such as TikTok, where user engagement is booming and there is positive feedback from users.

Twitter’s Musk situation

Since Mr Musk stepped in as Twitter’s CEO, we have seen several changes take place. The termination of numerous employees, reinstatement of notorious offensive profiles and trialling of a paid version of the app, has left #Twittershutdown and #RIPTwitter trending as of late. 

For those of us who use Twitter as a vital means of communication and relationship building, not to mention connecting with journalists through hashtags like #journorequest, the threat of Twitter imploding poses a significant threat.  

However, all may not be lost, as this could be where Hive Social enters the room. This new alternative to the bird app has seen a surge of people making accounts as they brace for the end of their days on Twitter. Hive has recently hit one million users and could be the alternative that saves the day! One to keep an eye on for fearful PRs.


AI are machines that imitate human intelligence and can be used to complete tasks. Over time, their intelligence grows based on the information received. Some AI that may come in handy for PRs in 2023 include: speech-to-text; text-to-speech; Identifying industry-related influencers; and AI writing tools.

Tools like Jasper AI, Rytr, or Anyword, can have a serious impact on how we write copy. AI writing tools such as these can write just about anything, from press releases, email copy, blogs and more! 

AI like HypeAuditor and Affable can scour the web to find influencers relevant to particular niches, highlighting their demographic insights and engagement, making it easier to assess how they could be relevantly utilised for campaigns. Tools such as these can also be handy when measuring ROI.

Speech-to-text AI can be useful for note-taking during conferences, interviews or presentations. Text-to-speech can transform press releases and other copy into audio for those who prefer this format.

Diversity & Inclusion

As social injustices continue to be highlighted and called out, many brands have attempted to appear diverse and inclusive in their campaigns. Where some brands have unfortunately fallen short is by trying to maximise on the movement for equality without actually demonstrating their solidarity through actions. This kind of ingenuine behaviour is transparent and turns consumers off in a big way. 

To avoid this, your brand should continue to grow and create content accessible to all. Bringing in people from all walks of life, not only in campaigns, but also as members of their internal teams is vital. This should include diversity in race, body type, disability, gender, LGBTQIA+ community and more! Brands that refuse to become diverse in a genuinely authentic way will soon see themselves falling behind competitors who have stepped up their game.

Keeping up with what’s trending

As PRs, we must continue to keep an eye and ear out for what is new and keep up with what is trending. Some great ways to do this are by subscribing to newsletters and attending webinars. Gaining insight and sharing the knowledge wealth amongst our peers will make sure we are always in the loop. 

Some great platforms include Meltwater, PRMoment and, Vuelio, to name a few. And of course, you can’t forget to check out Posh Cockney blogs to keep up with our thoughts on current happenings!


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