Your 2022 December Marketing Calendar

December is finally here! Winter is already sinking its claws into the Northern Hemisphere, Christmas lights are getting turned on around the country, and the year will draw to an end very soon. This time of the year holds so many opportunities for marketing teams, so in this blog we’re going to give you all the important dates for you to use in your December marketing plans!

From Small Businesses Saturday and National Hot Chocolate Day, to Christmas and New Year’s Eve, there is so much for all the marketers out there to get playful with, so grab your calendar and a pen, and get planning!


The Whole Month – The Run Up To Christmas!

We know this is a topic for debate in itself – when does Christmas start? When does it end? Is it okay to put up Christmas trees in November? But, if you’re working in a customer-facing business, we know as well as you do, Christmas conversations have to start well before December! Christmas should be the focus of your December marketing calendar!

By now, gingerbread lattes should be back on the menu, Christmas photoshoots should have been completed, and you should already be pushing Christmas group bookings and offers harder than anything else you’ve pushed throughout the last year.

Once you have all of your Christmas content, it’s time to plaster it all over your platforms – show your customers why your business is the best place to be during the festive season. And if you’re looking for Christmas-related fun for the office, why not do secret Santa, or spend a day doing a team Christmas charity event? 


2nd December – English Breakfast Day

Ah, the good old English breakfast – nothing beats it! There are so many things your business can do to mark this day! You could offer a special one-day-only discount on your English breakfasts, put on an offer where customers get extra hash browns for the day, or take this time to introduce a vegan fry-up if you don’t already have one!

At the very least it’s definitely a good idea to plaster your social media in the best pictures of your breakfasts that you have with the most mouth-watering images. It might even be worth using it as an opportunity to do a new photoshoot for your breakfasts – there’s no better way to entice customers than crisp, clear images of delicious-looking food!

3rd December – Small Businesses Saturday

This day is for promoting small businesses and encouraging people to shop and dine locally. If you’re a small business, why not do a series of Instagram posts and stories discussing the growth of your business, from the initial concept all the way to the present day. If you’re a bigger business, you could promote local small businesses on your socials, or showcase the small restaurants, cafes and takeaways that the team love to go to on their work breaks!


4th December – National Cookie Day

This is the perfect opportunity for any hospitality businesses selling cookies to get their names out there. You could offer a one-day discount on cookies in store, or create a special cookie, inspired by your brand, available for one day only – make it the tastiest and most irresistible cookie ever. And, when you’ve made all the hype around this limited edition cookie, you can always please your customers and bring it back permanently for the new year!


11th December – Christmas Jumper Day

This is either the day that office workers love or dread, but it can be a great bit of fun! Wandering into the office and finding your boss, who is usually dressed in a suit, sporting a knitted Christmas jumper can definitely be a good giggle for employees (it’s a lot like seeing your teacher at school wearing jeans and a hoodie on a school trip). Having a participation-optional Christmas jumper day can be a great way to change up the vibe at the office, and give employees something fun to look forward to. It also makes for great picture opportunities for the business’ Instagram, a fantastic addition to your December marketing plans for social media!


13th December – National Hot Chocolate Day

This one is perfect for a December marketing calendar! Everyone loves hot chocolate in winter, so there’s a lot of opportunity here for businesses to get involved with this one. If you run a coffee shop, you could run discounts on your hot chocolates, or create limited edition ones for one day only! You could even create some boozy ones for the adults!

If you manage an office, you could organise for some luxury hot chocolates to be delivered to the office as a big thank you for all of your employees’ hard work! Or alternatively, have an office charity event where everyone gets involved and sells hot chocolate on a stand, and the money goes to a good cause!


18th December – World Cup Final

Getting involved in the World Cup is a great way for businesses to throw events for customers. It’s also a great opportunity for businesses score some great marketing points, and to generally give their brand a trendy, current feel.

For ideas on what you could do throughout the football season, you could host viewing parties and create great group deals for those coming to watch, or bring out World Cup-inspired cocktails and food deals for the viewers at your venue. Andaz London and Azura are both hosting epic viewing parties this football season, be sure to check them out!

The World Cup is also a great opportunity for some reactive PR. It would be a great idea to have someone on your brand’s twitter sending funny reactive tweets in response to what’s happening in the matches. It’s a great way to let your brand’s personality shine through!


22nd December – The Start Of Capricorn Season

On this day, the world moves into a new astrological season and Capricorns across the globe will be celebrating their birthdays. Why not create Instagram stories shouting out all of the Capricorns in the office? It’s a great way to have a bit of fun with the team and it helps your customers get to know the people in the business! It’s also something that can be repeated monthly, to be a fun activity which is an integral part of your social media calendar!


31st December – New Year’s Eve

The day before we enter a new year brings opportunities for reflection, as well as the creation of new goals. Not necessarily on the day, but you can use the period leading up to the new year to listen to your customers and find out what’s going well, what’s not going so well, and what they would want from the business moving forward. It’s also an opportunity for bosses to listen to their employees in the same way, and for employees to help set new and improved visions for the new year.

If you’ve done this and still want more ideas for the new year period, you could always throw the biggest New Year’s Eve party anyone has ever seen and get your business’ name out there! If you’re looking for a party on New Year’s Eve, try Rake’s Café Bar or Azura.

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