What is Reactive PR?

Reactive PR is often known by the name newsjacking, as we are essentially stealing a news story to use to promote our clients. As PRs we have to keep a constant eye on trending topics and news stories so we can be quick off the mark to send out relevant pitches to the relevant journalists.

For example, if you have a travel client and there is big news in the travel industry, that is the perfect time to pitch and secure your client an expert comment or even a full feature piece.

Why is it important?

Like all PR coverage, having your client’s brand mentioned in a major publication is a huge plus, especially if it’s accompanied by a link to their website. This increases brand awareness, SEO and hopefully drives sales. Another benefit of reactive PR is that you’re positioning your client as an expert in their field. 

One of the most difficult parts of our job in PR is creating a strong and newsworthy narrative, but if the story is already there, it makes finding the perfect angle for your client that bit easier. 

Client Examples

Covid Christmas Cancellations

The confusion around COVID restrictions across Christmas 2021 led to a huge rise in booking cancellations in the hospitality industry. We used this and pitched our clients for expert comments on how the situation was affecting their business and what they needed from the government. You can see an example here where two of our clients, Republic and Olives N Meze have commented in an article by The Daily Mail. 

Our client Onyx also gained fantastic coverage during this period with a full feature article in Essex Live. Off the back of this article, the client has numerous calls and emails from TV, Radio and print publications also wanting interviews. Read the coverage here. 


Afghanistan – Sohail Ahmad

In Summer 2021, the devastating situations in Afghanistan were hitting all of the news headlines. Our client, Sohail Ahmad, a former Afghan refugee was also launching his new restaurant, Eggoland, in central London. We used this opportunity to tell the story of Sohail’s journey from refugee to restauranteur and show the possibility of a positive outcome for refugees. Sohail appeared on GB News, Sky News, BBC radio and all major news publications. More info on the lunch of Eggoland can be found here.