COVID-19 strikes again

London’s NYE fireworks display has been cancelled for the second year running, due to remaining ‘uncertainty’ surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite lockdowns being fully lifted and a successful vaccine roll-out, City Hall has suggested that cancellation of the celebration is still a necessary move as we near the end of this unprecedented period.

Many have questioned this decision, comparing the virus-spreading potential of the annual display to other large-scale events which have been permitted since July.

In fact, various sources have reported that an alternative New Year’s party is set to be held in Trafalgar Square, instead. But, with a lack of information made public at present, many non-Londoners are unsure as to whether visiting the capital on the 31st will be worth the trip.

Spokesman for London Mayor Sadiq Khan said that the 2021 celebrations will still be ‘spectacular’, however, it is unknown whether fireworks will be involved in any way.

It’s been some time now since London was the same place it was before the pandemic. Last year, a surprise light show involving drones took place in Greenwich, after the regular display was cancelled due to the second wave of the virus. In the midst of strict lockdown restrictions, the show honoured the NHS, as well as pandemic heroes, like Captain Sir Tom Moore.

London's NYE fireworks

About London’s NYE fireworks display

The idea of illuminating the sky above the Thames first came to organisers as the UK approached the new millennium. Previously, it had been a tradition since World War Two for Londoners to gather in Trafalgar Square and get merry as the clock struck midnight.

London nye

Presented by the Mayor of London, the event is broadcasted worldwide, so individuals all around the world can hear Big Ben’s “bongs” as the UK welcomes in the new year.

Rivalling that of Sydney Harbour’s electrifying display and the Times Square ball drop, London’s spectacle is one of the largest annual fireworks displays in the world. In recent years, over £2m has been spent on the event; however, only £1.5m went towards the toned down show last year.

What’s NYE in London without the fireworks?

With the display bringing staggering numbers of people into the city each year, it’s no doubt that New Year’s is a busy time for businesses in the London hospitality industry. But what happens when you take away this huge event?

Last year, the industry lost billions of pounds throughout the festive period and over New Year thanks to lockdown restrictions. After being placed in Tier 4, Londoners were forced to celebrate the occasion at home, watching what resembled the usual fireworks display on their TVs. Restaurants and pubs were unable to benefit from the holiday as Government guidelines required them to close.

This year, due to the cancelled annual celebration, hotels and restaurants could expect to face losses again, with people less likely to book accommodation in the capital without the display to look forward to.

However, only time will tell what impact the rumoured Trafalgar Square party will have on surrounding London businesses, as we await the release of further information.

One thing that we can take from this announcement is that we’re certainly not yet back to ‘normal’, and businesses will continue to feel the effects.

london nye fireworks


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