Your May Marketing Calendar

Since our April content marketing calendar blog was a hit, here are some key dates in May to spark some marketing campaign ideas!

May is an eventful month, especially in the United Kingdom, posing fantastic content creation surrounding key dates and events; King’s Coronation, FA Cup final and Eurovision Song Contest. Plus, there are three long weekend opportunities to maximise bank holiday sales through your social media, email, blog and other marketing campaigns.

Also called Workers’ Day or International Workers’ Day, is the day that commemorates the struggles and gains made by workers and the labour movement.

With all the recent strikes, this one is significant this year. You could talk about your company and what you do for your workers or how you have met and overcome diversity over the years.

May 3rd: Early May Bank Holiday

With lots of bank holidays this year, Many people will be looking to try new things. Sharing ideas for how to make the most of the long weekend, such as exploring local restaurants or taking a day trip.

Why not boost social media engagement with an Instagram Stories poll that asks your audience to vote on their favourite weekend activity?

May 4th: Star Wars Day 

It sounds similar to the well-known Star Wars catchphrase “May the Force be with you”. You could do something fun and creative with this; dress up in the office, get Yoda to review a product, or get people to show you what they are up to with a chance to win a product or voucher.

May 6th: Coronation of King Charles III and Camilla

May 7th: Coronation Concert at Windsor Castle

The King’s Coronation is set for a weekend of celebrations; you could create fantastic offers that are fit for a King.

On social media, ask your followers to comment on their favourite memory of King Charles or what they would like to see from him now he is King – this will boost your engagement.

May 13th: World Cocktail Day

A global celebration of cocktails; it marks the publication date of the first definition of a cocktail on May 13th, 1806.

Cocktails have come a long way since then; create a fantastic offer on your cocktails, 2-for-1 or complimentary cocktails for customers who spend a certain amount on the rest of your menu. 

On social media, ask your followers to comment on their favourite cocktail – this will boost your engagement and give you some menu inspiration! 

Or hold a competition where people can design their own cocktail, and the winners will be added to the menu for the month.

May 13th: Eurovision Song Contest

Cover the event, including the UK’s entry and predictions for the winner.

So much can be done for this one as it is being held in Liverpool this year. From fancy dress to themed menus for food and drink, the opportunities are endless and one you should definitely be getting involved in.

May 29th: Spring Bank Holiday

Suggest fun foods for the long weekend, and showcase your place’s best offers.

You could host a family day or an afternoon lunch for the ladies.

We are ending the month just like we started — another bank holiday!

Campaign ideas:

Once again, remind your audience about your bank holiday hours and suggest fun activities for the long weekend while throwing in a shameless plug for your company’s best offers!


By tapping into the events and themes of the month, you can create engaging content that resonates with your audience.

We hope you found these May marketing dates useful and can take inspiration from our ideas. Be sure to share your results with us if you do!

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