The dreaded news has finally arrived, after many whispers and rumours, the restrictions that were due to be lifted on June 21st have been pushed back. Boris Johnson revealed in a news conference that there will be a delay in the next phase of England’s reopening on Monday, extending the Covid restrictions. The lockdown restrictions will be delayed by four weeks, from 21st June to 19th July. 

Recent figures delivered from Public Health England, reveal that 42,323 cases of the ‘Delta variant’ of the coronavirus that was first identified in India, have been confirmed across the U.K.. This is an increase of 240% from just last week.

Johnson has declared that the delay allows for more people to receive their second COVID-19 jab before all restrictions are due to end. It is expected that around two-thirds of adults will have been offered two doses of the vaccine by 19th July.

There has been a social media outcry of petitions and uproar surrounding the decision, with the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) providing figures that 700,000 jobs have been lost within the nightclub industry and that billions of pounds have also been lost in revenue. Michael Kill, NTIA CEO, has said, “Night time economy businesses have waited patiently for there opportunity to open for over 15 months, many have not survived, some are on a cliff edge, hundreds of thousands of jobs have been lost, a huge pool of talent has been swept away and left to suffer extreme financial hardship.”

Nightclubs aren’t the only events having taken a hit, with many festivals and live music events having also been canceled or postponed, disappointing festival-goers, organisers, artists and staff- costing tens of thousands of pounds in fees and lost income.

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Of course, it goes without saying that all eyes have been on the Euro 2020 Football Championship, with many sports fans holding their breath to be able to attend a full stadium. The postponed date will continue the limited capacity venues, with large outdoor venues capped at 10,000 or just 4,000 for smaller venues.

Tips to help you get through lockdown:

Get Outside!

With the summer days approaching, now is the perfect time to walk with your family, friends or pets. Attend outdoor events and keep your calendars full, keeping in line with the COVID social distancing restrictions, making memories and staying safe.

Support Local Businesses

By supporting a small business, you’re supporting a vital part of your local community that will keep businesses afloat and thriving, ready to continue back as normal once restrictions have been lifted.

Focus on the Facts

There is so much overwhelming information online surrounding the coronavirus, with many false facts or speculation spread across social media. Stay informed and keep updated by looking at the NHS or official Government guidance website.