What is a business Crisis?

A business crisis is an internal or external event that can have a negative impact on your company’s reputation, operations, or finances. This could be due to a number of things, including natural disaster, a pandemic, a huge drop in demand or bad press.

Do you have a Crisis Management Plan in place?

Prevention is always better than cure. A solid crisis management plan will help you to plan for any possible crises and detail what you will do to over come it. As we have all learnt this year, it is impossible to be prepared for every situation, but having a plan in place for any potential problem could make the difference between your company surviving, or not.

There has been a fire in the Kitchen of your restaurant, restoration could take weeks, what would you do? Your brand has a heavily fish-based menu, and it has been discovered that the area you source your fish from is heavily polluted, causing huge health problems to anyone who eats it, what now?

To create a crisis management plan, you will need to identify possible crises, decide on a crisis management team and pre-draft messages to employees, customers and stake holders – saving time in the moment of an emergency.

The team at Posh Cockney are here to help you, from creating a plan, to being there with you at the time of a crisis, and helping you post crisis.

The most important thing during a time of crisis, is communication. We have dedicated communication managers, experts in dealing with the press, employees, stake holders and customers, creating a smooth and constant stream of communication.

Post crisis, it is crucial that the whole team takes time to look back on how the situation was handled. What did we do well and what need to be improved?

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