Brand personification

Let’s get started! Companies have undergone severe changes since the outbreak of covid19. They have had to adapt and look for new ways to attract customers to their premises. With the lack of tourism and the stop of immigration, the hospitality industry has suffered the most.

Not only have the companies changed their mentality, but also their customers. Nowadays, consumers are looking for something else. They want to interact with the brand. They want an experience!

It is no longer enough to offer a good service and a good product, but we must go a step further, and how can we achieve this?

Interact and engage with your consumer within the venue; they love it!

We at Posh Cockney are willing to share specific mechanisms and strategies with you.

As we have previously mentioned, the first strategy is to offer a multisensory experience to the client. What is your story? Why would the client revisit you? What different events are going to happen in the week?

The creation of events for VIP clients. These events can be very varied, from talks by a distinguished fashion personality or editor of a magazine of any field to masterclasses of cigars, cocktails, or how to prepare the brand’s signature dishes.

As we have been saying before, companies have to offer a unique experience. The place is chameleonic, meaning it offers different experiences throughout the week with various events and parties that customers can enjoy, thus creating a unique atmosphere.

We all know that the place’s decoration is as important inside as outside of it. That is when we should ask ourselves what colour does our brand represent? What do we want to express with our decoration? All this will vary depending on our values as a brand and the time of the year in which we are.

More than a restaurant, a multisensory experience

That concerns the premises, but what other ways does the customer interact with the brand? As mentioned before, covid has changed how we socialise and interact. The internet has taken on an essential role in our lives.

Social media such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or even Youtube have served as a lot of help in the pandemic for companies to maintain contact with their customers and thus interact with them constantly. Youtube and Instagram have offered many options, especially maintaining contact with customers during the pandemic. Many companies launched tutorial videos on preparing their favourite dishes at home, creating great popularity among their clientele on Instagram, creating hashtags and mentioning the restaurant’s account multiplied visits among new consumers and the restaurant itself.

Covid has meant a big difference, given that many companies have not been able to read this dramatic change, with the result of staying behind in this competitive city, as is London. Something very striking has been the use of music lists on Spotify. This feature has exalted the musical personality of the company and its best hits where customers can continue to enjoy the spirit of the brand and remember the moments lived in the place.

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