As we move further into July, there’s only one thing to look forward to: World Chocolate Day! On 7th July, the whole world celebrates chocolate – and when it’s not a national heatwave, often hot chocolate.

History of chocolate

About 5,300 years ago, chocolate traces were found in the upper part of Ecuador – considered “food of gods” for many. This confection is made of cocoa seeds found in forests in Central and South America. Back in the day, chocolate wasn’t a sweet treat, it was cocoa beans mixed with other ingredients to create a bitter chocolate drink for the wealthy mayans. However for the less privileged, it was used only in funerals and as a sacred offering. 

In 1500, chocolate arrived in Europe and maintained its symbol of luxury, only consumed by the affluent.

World Chocolate Day

Chocolate and the UK

In 1847, the first edible chocolate bar was introduced by J.S. Fry & Sons, a British company, and not long after Cadbury launched a Valentine’s Day box and Easter Egg (currently, Fry’s Chocolate is produced by Cadbury.) From there, more and more innovations have been brought and distributed to the market, including the introduction of many varieties of flavors, prices and brands, making chocolate easily available to the vast majority.

How important is chocolate in our lives?

Especially in Europe, it seems to be very important! Europe can be considered the biggest consumer of chocolate in the world. With Germans being the top customers, they eat an average of 11 kilograms of chocolate per capita a year, followed by Switz averaging 9.7. 

Although affected by COVID-19, Europe reached a market value of 46 billion euros in 2020, expected to grow by 2.2% a year until 2026. Not only is Europe the biggest market for chocolate, but it is also the biggest importer.

Chocolate in the restaurant industry

It is easy to suggest that most restaurants around the world serve something with chocolate on their menu, as it is estimated that at least 1 billion people eat chocolate everyday. Newness comes everyday: new cafes with imaginative desserts, such as Said Dal 1923, and many others have been introduced. This reminds us just how important it is for the catering industry to integrate chocolate into menus, with vegan options available as well.

How do you plan to celebrate World Chocolate Day on the 7th? Posh Cockney’s clients, such as Happy and St Martin’s House, have unbelievably delicious chocolatey desserts for you to enjoy on this special day!

World Chocolate Day


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