Posh Cockney was hired to manage all PR and Influencer Marketing for Celestial Cinema’s Winter Drive-In experience in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire. The following case study is a breakdown of what services were provided and how they were carried out.

Our Objective

Celestial Cinema had had huge success at their Summer Drive-in earlier in the year. Our objective was to create a buzz around their winter event and generate both local and national press. As well as this, we were to find and approach influencers who matched the brand's ethos and invite them down, in exchange for coverage on their social media sites.


The main challenge we faced was breaking through the noise of Covid and Lockdowns. We needed to create a story and a narrative that would excite people and make them want to read on, and then attend.
Due to the event being outside of London, it was also a challenge to encourage both press and influencers to travel to the site in some circumstances.
Ever changing restrictions also cause problems towards the final weeks, as this created much confusion for guests.

Our Approach

The team took time to get to know and understand the brand. They researched previous events and campaigns and ensured they had a strong understanding of Celestial Cinema’s ethos and brand voice.

They then looked into the area that the event was taking place and the best press and influencers to target to create the best coverage.

What we did 

Our team created a selection of Press Releases, aimed at both local and national publications, radio and TV. 

We created a list of influencers that were local to the area, had a large social media following and had children, and invited them to the event, in return for featuring on their social media pages. 

We also took a more specific approach for specific movies. For example, for the screening of The Nutcracker Ballet, we reached out to local dance schools, offering discounts and VIP tickets. 

We created a good relationship with members of the community who managed local facebook groups, and liaised with them to regularly promote upcoming movies. 

Our team reached out to local MPs as well as the Mayor of Beaconsfield and the Mayor of Buckinghamshire, to inform them about and invite them to the event.

With the ever changing restrictions, the team kept influencers and press up to date, informing them that the experience would be remaining open.

When the Drive In was then forced to close a few weeks later, the team created a press release asking for the support of the local community, to allow the brand to continue to spread Christmas cheer. 

The Results

We successfully secured both national and local press for Celestial Cinema’s drive-in with an estimated readership of 8.32M and an estimated 35.5k coverage views. All articles were backlinked to the Celestial Cinema website and articles had over 200 social media shares.

We invited many local influencers who all posted very positive coverage across their social media pages.

What's next?

Posh Cockney continues to work alongside Celestial Cinema on a number of ongoing projects. We look forward to being able to get back to working on their Drive-in experiences as soon as local and national covid restrictions allow.

Key Services Supplied

  • PR – Press releases and Press engagement
  • Strategic Planning
  • Crisis Management
  • Influencer Marketing
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