Starting with the trailer for London after Lockdown, this insightful interview gives some great tips on starting your own business, the need to pivot and the importance of reaching out.

Liam explains why the best jobs are sometimes the ones that teach us the biggest lessons. After working at Proud Group for 8 months, Liam knew that he didn’t ever want to work for anyone again, it was time to start his own business – Posh Cockney was Born.

The Hospitality Titans is a hot topic in this interview, as Liam is a co-founder, and Jo one of the founding members. The Hospitality Titans brings together some of the biggest names in Hospitality, all keen to invest in, support, nurture and develop the future of Hospitality. 2020 has been a difficult hear for the industry, but with all crisis comes opportunity and 2021 could certainly be the year of the start-ups.

Liam opens up about the difficulty of growing up as a professional football player, the pressure on himself and other young people to succeed, and the lack of support available for those struggling.

Multi skilled people are the future of Hospitality. Liam discusses the importance of levelling up, of looking for other areas that you can train in, and explains the benefits of reaching out to a mentor.

Liam talks Jo through the development of London after Lockdown and the creation of Posh Cockney Productions. Now more than ever, businesses have realised the importance of high-quality images and video footage, and the need to give consumers a real taste of what a brand has to offer. Posh Cockney can offer this, as well as creating, growing, and managing your YouTube platform.

Listening to Jo and Liam, there is a big emphasis on using 2020 to make connections, to grow as a brand and as an individual. If you stayed silent during the first lockdown, use the second Lockdown to find your voice and reach out, you never know how valuable those connections could turn out to be in the future.

We wrap up the interview with some hints about Liam’s future projects. This is one not to be missed, head over and watch for yourself!