Posh Cockney was brought in to assist Eco on the launch of their second restaurant in Kingston, Surrey. We provided full Marketing and PR services including event planning and social media management.

Our Objective

To build on the success of Eco Clapham and put Eco Kingston firmly on the map. To create a launch event that will help to gain great press coverage as well as build a social media following. To gain new fans of the brand in Kingston and create a strong relationship with the local community.


We began working with Eco just 3 weeks before the launch giving us a far shorter run up time than usual. Kingston is slightly outside of London, meaning many of our usual contacts would be unwilling to travel. Eco had very few high quality assets so these all needed to be created from scratch.

Our Approach

After extensive research into Kingston, we quickly began to understand that community is at the heart of everything they do there. For Eco Kingston to be a success, we needed to tap into that community.


With a short lead time, it was more important than ever for our PR, Marketing and Social media teams to work seamlessly together, alongside the Eco team.

What we did 

We began by creating assets. To do this we utalised the Clapham locations and took high-quality images of the food that would be on the Eco Kingston menu. The team spent time talking with Sami and Charmaine to ensure they fully understood the Eco story and what the brand means to them. 

A press release was created announcing the opening of Eco Kingston and circulated to all Surrey and London press, along with an invite to the launch event. We also connected with groups on social media such as In Kingston, to further assist us in our PR outreach.

We took over the management of the Eco social media, creating a build up to the launch. We targeted local community groups and Kingston University students in our follow campaigns to build awareness of the opening. 

We began building a mailing list by integrating the Eco booking system without CRM system and adding a subscribe button to the website. Google My Business and Trip Advisor pages were created. 

Next, we needed to plan the opening event. We carefully selected the best date which would ensure the onsite team was ready and there were no other local events happening that would effect our attendance numbers. We arranged entertainment and managed the guest list, inviting local influencers and high profile residents and business owners. We worked closely with the onsite team to ensure the menu was simple enough to cater on mass but gave guests a true taste of Eco.

We invited the Mayor of Kingston, who accepted and kindly gave a great speech and cut the ribbon at the start of the launch event.

Post event, we sent a follow-up email to all press, along with images of the launch as well as contacting all influencers and asking them to leave a review of their experience. 

The Results

The launch event was a great success. 20 local influencers attended with +1s with a total following of 225,084. This created a huge buzz on social media for the days following the event.

We gained 7 pieces of press coverage around the opening of Eco Kingston with an estimated readership of 712k and 41k coverage views. 

We made great connections with local community groups and local residents, giving us a far smoother approach for future marketing communications. 

What's next?

Since the launch, we have continued to work closely with Eco creating monthly PR and Marketing plans to help drive footfall into the restaurant. 

We want to build Sami’s profile and the profile of the restaurant group through PR and feature articles. We will maintain the relationships we have created with local journalists and inform them of all upcoming offers and events so they can share with their readers. 

Key Services Supplied

  • Marketing – Traditional and Digital
  • PR – Press releases/Influencer and Press engagement
  • Content Creation – SEO/Photography/Videography/Blog writing
  • Social Media Management
  • Reporting – Weekly/Monthly
  • Email Marketing
  • Strategic Planning
  • Event Management
  • Project Management
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