Lockdown one saw us grabbing a takeaway from our favourite cafes and restaurants, setting up camp in a park with people in our Covid bubble and enjoying a warm British summer. This lockdown feels a little different. With the weather far colder and wetter, people are opting to spend their time wrapped up indoors. And with job losses on the rise, we just don’t have that extra cash for a takeaway meal, when we could cook one ourselves at home.

This is becoming a big problem for businesses in the Hospitality Sector, particularly when many of them have spent time and money creating and marketing new lockdown takeaway menus and cook at home kits.

The Jersey Hospitality Association has come up with it’s own suggestion to combat the loss of income for the Hospitality Sector on the run up to Christmas. It’s asking businesses to give their staff vouchers, to be used at restaurants in the new year, in replacement of a Christmas party, in the hope that this creates income for local venues.

“This has been a devastating year for trading in our sector. We are conscious that it has also been a painful year for other sections of the economy, and this gives corporate businesses an opportunity to offer vouchers to their staff as a reward after a difficult year.” Simon Soar, Chief Executive of the JHA told ITV.

Whilst the novelty of the takeaway seems to have worn off, there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Since the end of the Welsh firebreak lockdown, venues there have been fully booked since opening, and we can hope that this will be the case across England also. The problem comes as we get closer to Christmas. By now, venues would be well on their way to being booked up for Christmas Eve, Christmas day and of course, New years Eve, but with so much uncertainty over restrictions, people have been unable to make plans.  Some people have begun to get creative however, I recently spoke to a venue in Wales, planning to have a theme each hour as countries around the world welcome in the new year.

It’s clear that the UK Hospitality industry is a resilient one and it will not be going down with out a fight. A huge part of Christmas is spending it with friends and families, in the venues that we know and love. I am sure we will all be doing our bit to support them and booking a table as soon as we get some clarity from the Government on what we can and can’t do this festive season.