Boris’ roadmap out of lockdown means that as of the 29th of March we are finally able to meet outside in groups of six or with one other household, whilst still practising social distancing of course. That will take us one step closer to the 21st of June, where hopefully all restrictions will be finally coming to an end. So, while we wait let’s make the most out of the rule of six.  

We have put together some of the best games and activities to do in your group of six. Some games work best in pairs, some need four players, but which games work best in sixes?

Boardgames and Cards

Cluedo, it’s your time to shine. A game of mystery and crime-solving, based around six characters. The game is at its best when played by six people. Notepads at the ready, was it you Miss Scarlett?

Game of Thrones fans, this one’s for you. Six is the optimal playing number for this board game, inspired by the TV show. This is a game of planning, strategy and betrayal, as you fight for your place on the Iron Throne.

Whilst enjoyable with any number or players, UNO is a sure way to keep people entertained. Other card games like Go Fish and Rummy are a great, fun way to pass the time.

Outdoor Activities

The weather is getting warmer and that definitely calls for a garden party, albeit a smaller one than you’re probably used to. Nevertheless, garden parties are a great way to utilise the rule of six whilst adhering to the government rules. 

Whilst on the subject of warmer weather, throwing a barbeque is another great activity to do in a group of six. Not only can you mark the beginnings of the upcoming summer with this classic smokey activity, but who doesn’t love a good barbeque. 

Scavenger hunts. With Easter coming up just around the corner, we’ll be able to celebrate it with a classic scavenger hunt. Scavenger hunts don’t just have to be for the kids either. Adults alike can get in on the fun and now we’ll be able to do it with six of our closest friends or our favourite household. 

During our numerous lockdowns, a lot of us have taken up fitness and exercise but group sport activities have been truly missed. With the new lifted restrictions, group sports are a great way to spend time with our chosen six as well keeping fit. 


And to finish our list, a good old film night. Hosting a film night watching either family favourites or the new blockbusters are the perfect activity to do with your friends and family. Why not get your hands on Celestial Cinema’s Home Edition boxes and take your movie night outside!?