Posh Cockney initially began as a dedicated social media marketing agency before growing and developing other divisions. As such, social media remains at the heart of our marketing campaigns. As social media specialists, we have deep end-to-end knowledge of how to utilise social media for business and how it integrates and benefits other channels such as influencer marketing and SEO.

You will have a dedicated social media Account Manager who will execute all your brand’s activities across your chosen mix of Social Media Channels including customer engagement through comments, direct message and likes.

Your Account Manager will ensure all content is released in the most effective way through optimising the use of locations, hashtags, posting times and reach amplification. Want to target a specific group of people in a specific country? We can make sure your content is seen by exactly the right people, growing your brand and creating excellent ROI.

Your Account Manager will be reachable at all times and will provide you with monthly reports to shed light on your brands social media performance.

Your Posh Cockney team will provide management on the following social media platforms: Instagram / Facebook / LinkedIn / Google My Business / Twitter / Pinterest / TikTok

Various engagement and targeting projects can also be actioned including: Events, demographics, competitor and existing community engagement driven targeting.

Love it or hate it, social media has become an incredibly powerful tool for marketing and brand growth. Nearly 50% of the world’s population uses social media, and if you want to target Millennials, over 90% of them are social media users. Our team will carry out extensive market research, ensuring the best possible social media marketing campaign for your brand.