Is there a better sight than seeing the words ‘Happy Hour’ outside a pub, bar, or restaurant?

2 for 1, half price cocktails, free appetisers, all some of the wonders on offer during happy hour. And to make things better, in recent years, Happy Hour has become more like, Happy Three Hours!

Where did Happy Hour start?

The original origin of the Happy hour is unknown, but it can be traced back to the US Navy. In the 20th Century, a variety of activities including boxing, music and dancing were held to help ease boredom when away at sea, these activities developed the name ‘Happy Hour’. By the end of WW1, Happy Hours were being held throughout the entire Navy.

During the Prohibition, people would stop in for ‘Cocktail Hour’ and their local speakeasy, before heading to a restaurant where alcohol would not be served. When prohibition ended in 1933. Cocktail hour had caught on as a marketing ploy, much as it is today, to entice customers into their venues.

Did you know that Happy hour is still banned in some states? Massachusetts, Alaska, Indiana, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Utah, and Vermont, all have strict rules in place against Happy Hour.

National Happy Hour Day 2020

Thursday 12th November is national happy hour day. Yep – right in the middle of lockdown 2.0 (unless you live in Wales or Scotland in which case, have a drink for us please).

But, why not celebrate it from the safety and comfort of your own homes!?  Our Client PURE has created a selection of incredible cocktails, as well as online masterclasses, guiding you through the process. Head over to their website to choose form an incredible range of cocktails, both classic and their own special PURE Cocktails. Have a very happy National Happy Hour Day!