It may be 60 years since James Bond uttered the famous works “Shaken, Not Stirred” but this classic cocktail is still as popular as ever.  And who can blame consumers? When this timeless drink offers class, sophistication and simplicity.

What is a Martini?

The much loved Martini has a long and controversial history and is often the centre of debates between many a cocktail connoisseur and waist coated mixologist.

The exact birth of the Martini is unclear, but most people believe it to have originated in 1911 in New York, created by a man named Martini Di Arma Di Taggia. But other accounts but the origin back to as early as 1860. That’s over 150 years of Martini drinking!

The Classic Martini is made of just two ingredients – Gin (or  vodka) and Vermouth with an added garnish, this simplicity is what makes it a bestselling cocktail, all around the world.

Ever wondered why the stem of the famous Martini Glass is so long? There are many theories on this; one is that this allows the cocktail to stay chilled, safely away from the hands of the drinker, as traditionally, no ice is added.  Another (and my preferred) reasoning is that during Prohibition, the shape of the glass allowed for the drinker to quickly dispose of their liquor before the police arrived.

Not all famous Martini drinkers were fictional; Humphrey Bogart, Noel Coward, Gerald Ford and Richard Nixon are all well known for enjoying a Martini or three!

Gin V Vodka

This much debated subject is a no brainer for cocktail experts and they would be mildly (or largely) offended by anything other than Gin being used in a Martini. However, many Martini drinkers prefer the smoother and more modern taste created by swapping Gin for Vodka – James Bond has a lot to answer for!

How to celebrate #NationalMartiniDay in Lockdown

Dirty, straight up or with a twist, there are endless ways to enjoy a Martini and we absolutely will not let lockdown stop us from raising a glass to National Martini Day.

This is the perfect excuse to get (only 6!) of your closest friends together (outside and 2m apart of course) for your very own cocktail party.  Why not research and experiment with a new recipe? Or perhaps just stick with the sophisticated classic – shaken or stirred?

Or if you’re opting for a night in at home, this is a great chance to test your partners cocktail pallet, make each other a Martini creation and see if they can tell you what you’ve opted to add!

However you choose to observe the Lockdown National Martini Day, the Posh Cockney Team are sure that the Martini will stay high on everyone’s classic cocktail favourites list. Cheers to that!

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