Posh Cockney was hired to manage all Marketing and PR for professional boxer, Sohail Ahmad’s personal brand alongside the launch of his new restaurant EGGOLAND in central London. The following case study is a breakdown of what services were provided and how they were carried out.

Our Objective

Our objective was to use Sohail’s inspiring story to grow his own personal brand on social media and subsequently use this to promote and market the opening of his new restaurant and create an integrated and ongoing marketing campaign to ensure prolonged success.


With Eggoland located in central London, we had to obtain press and media coverage within a highly saturated market and target a niche clientele in order to beat surrounding competitors. The venue for the restaurant needed to be completely transformed inside which meant we were promoting a new restaurant without any assets or images. Due to COVID, we also had multiple delays in opening the restaurant and being unable to release a definite launch date to the press meant that building momentum for the opening was complicated. We also had no website or social media to build on for the restaurant, so everything was created by the team at Posh Cockney. We had to ensure brand cohesiveness across the different marketing channels we were using.

Our Approach

Our team immediately focussed on getting to know Sohail and his values, using this to create an intricate understanding of his own personality for his self branding as well as an understanding of his vision for the restaurant and how he wanted it to be perceived in the press. 

A brand deck was created which we used to build a new website and social media channels to ensure that we had digital platforms to create momentum for the opening of Eggoland. 

Our approach with this client was to ensure that we implemented a PR and marketing strategy that enabled Sohail’s own personal brand to grow (via press coverage and social media) which could simultaneously increase the brand awareness of Eggoland and its big opening.

What we did 

We reached out to UK press, journalists and media channels to share Sohail’s story which simultaneously gave us the opportunity to promote the launch of his new restaurant. 

At the time, news of Afghanistan and the situation for refugees who were entering the UK was making headlines, we jumped on this, gaining news interviews and press coverage for Sohail, all with mentions of Eggoland. 

We created and implemented a social media strategy for the Eggoland account. We built momentum for the opening by releasing teaser content each week before eventually releasing branded content and assets which were both scheduled and targeted to specific audiences. 

We filmed and posted content of the construction process of the restaurant venue, striving to create and attract clientele by sharing the journey of the restaurant with them. 

Posh Cockney Productions created fun images of the food and venue, as well as an experience video, to help aid the marketing campaigns. 

We managed Sohail’s personal social media accounts and grew his following by ensuring he was engaging with the correct demographic that he wanted to connect with and also attract to his restaurant. 

We designed and built a website for Eggoland.

We planned and organised a launch event for Eggoland and invited journalists and influencers. This created a huge buzz around the opening.

The Results

Sohail’s Story and the opening of Eggoland got featured across multiple press channels including BBC, SKY, GBNews, The Metro, The Daily Mail and more. 

Pre-opening we landed coverage in 16 publications with an estimated 205k coverage views and 2.5k social shares.

Post opening we landed in another 25 publications with a readership of 1.1B reaching an estimated 933k people and with 1.25k social shares.

Everyone was talking about Eggoland! You can see some of this press coverage HERE.

Eggoland social media accounts grew by approximately 1k followers per month in the first 6 months.

What's next?

We will continue to build brand awareness for Eggoland through PR and Social media.

Since opening, Eggoland has launched a number of new menu items which we are supporting on. We have introduced the use of paid ads on Google and Instagram as well as email marketing and TikTok.

Key Services Supplied

  • Marketing – Traditional and Digital
  • PR – Press releases/Influencer and Press engagement
  • Content Creation – SEO/Photography/Videography/Blog writing
  • Social Media Management
  • Website development
  • Reporting – Weekly/Monthly
  • Budget Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Crisis Management
  • Event Management
  • Project Management
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