With the World Cup fast approaching, our long-term client, Andaz London, required a recurring where Londoners could watch the World Cup. This case study outlines how we did that along with the campaign results.

Our Objective

To create and promote an event for the World Cup within Andaz London that generates revenue for the hotel.


Due to brand guidelines, we were unable to use the term ‘World Cup’ when referring to the event. Communications-wise, this provided the challenge of being unable to implement Google Ads due to search terms.

Our Approach

We settled on the event title ‘International Football at Andaz London’ as well as listing matches by the game name. This proved successful and we had no issues with ticket sales due to the name.

What we did 

Firstly, we worked closely with the onsite team to create an event package that would be desirable to guests as well as profitable for Andaz London. We set up a partnership with Heineken Silver, who provided beer for each match. Once agreed, we listed the event on Design My Night.

A press release was created and circulated to all relevant press to announce the event.

The event was promoted via Instagram on both the grid and the stories. We reshared this a few days prior to each match to drive further awareness.

On LinkedIn, we focused on a more B2B approach, encouraging businesses to book Andaz London for their teams to watch the games. 

The Results

We gained 5 pieces of press coverage with an estimated 3M audience and 37K views, all focused on where to watch the World Cup in London.

All England games sold out at the Andaz Studio.

What's next?

We will continue to work with Andaz London and use the success of this event to inform future campaigns.

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