Influencer Management

Social Media Management, Personal Promotion, Brand collaborations and more, for the people behind the Business.
Let Posh Cockney grow your personal brand presence, allowing you more free time.

Influencer Marketing that goes far beyond bikini pics on the beach.

With social media shining a light on businesses and consumers eager to know more about the people behind the brand, personal brand growth is more important now than ever.

At Posh Cockney, we understand the need for a strong personal presence. Alongside this, we understand influencer marketing from the perspective of the brand. This allows us to create trusted and long-lasting relationships between influencers and brands.

Having a strong personal brand presence has become so much more than sending out a newsletter from the CEO at Christmas. Personal brand growth takes time and commitment.

We will take the time to understand you and your audience. Our dedicated team will manage your social media platforms, posting at the best times for your audience and helping you to create content that will encourage conversations. Your manager will spend time engaging with your followers across all platforms.

Omnipresent; to appear everywhere at the same time.

As well as social media management, our PR team will be on hand to get you booked onto Podcasts and Radio shows as well as helping you to give expert comments on relevant news topics in the most read publications.

We can arrange photo shoots, branded business cards and anything else required to build your personal brand presence.


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