Your June Marketing Calendar

Summer is so close, we can almost taste it! Or maybe that’s just the delicious taste of St Martin’s House’s Jubilee Specials Menu…

Speaking of, June has got so much in store for all us Brits this year, from the Queen’s historic Platinum Jubilee to strawberries and cream at Wimbledon (let’s be real, who really goes to watch the tennis??). 

What better way to embrace these upcoming events than by including them in your June content calendar?

Without further ado, here are some of the June dates Posh Cockney is preparing for this year.

2nd-5th June: The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Weekend

June starts off with a bang with the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Weekend. School’s out, work’s out, and hopefully the sun’s out over this four-day celebratory weekend.

There is so much versatility when it comes to what your business can do for the Jubilee. Entice your holidaying customers with exclusive weekend-only offers, or create limited edition patriotic dishes/drinks that no one will want to miss.

Whether you own a shop, restaurant or even a dental surgery, get your red, white and blue bunting out for the kill. You can never go wrong – plus it’s not often we get to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee!

5th June – The Big Lunch

One key part of the Jubilee Weekend is The Big Lunch. The Big Lunch is an event created by Eden Project Communities as a way to celebrate community connections during this weekend of patriotic togetherness. Of course, this means street parties galore! 

Is your business at the very heart of your local community? Can you provide food and drinks for any street parties happening near you? There’s always a way to get involved, and this will, in turn, solidify and strengthen your business’ relationship with the local community. 

Use this as an opportunity to get to know your existing customers and introduce yourself to new ones – as well as having a good old time!

June marketing

6th June – National Donut Day

If you’re an F&B business, this is your chance to highlight the donut dessert offerings on your menu, whether it’s a jam donut, a cronut, or a classic Homer Simpson-style treat. 

Create a special offer for any donuts on your menu and share with your followers on social media. Or, why not use Instagram stories to ask followers to vote on their favourite kind of donut? This will help increase your engagement, plus give you some new menu ideas!

Don’t already have a donut on your menu? This is your opportunity to premiere one in the best way possible. Create something unique, wacky and newsworthy, and you may be in for a chance of some press coverage

7th June – World Food Safety Day

Show off how brilliant and thorough your F&B business’ food safety practices are by highlighting them on social media! Showcase your kitchen’s cleaning process on Instagram Stories, or even share your food hygiene rating score.

You could even use Insta reels to give your customers a tutorial on how to keep their kitchen extra clean at home. Know any great hacks? Get sharing! This can both humanise your brand and entertain your followers, alongside demonstrating your business’ value of top notch food hygiene.

8th June – Best Friends Day

Got any best friends amongst your staff team? Post photos of them on social media and ask them to share why they love their best friend so much.

Why not create a special offer perfect for duos? A 2-for-1 offer is a true crowd pleaser, and you can use this on any products you think a pair of best friends would want to purchase. Are you an F&B business? Promote a 2-for-1 offer on selected cocktails for all customer pairs that can prove they’re besties!

10th June – World Gin Day

Who doesn’t love a bit of gin? Tempt your customers to a special offer on all your gin-based offerings and share on social media. 

Not an F&B business? Get a shot of your team having a refreshing drink over their lunch break – doesn’t have to be gin, no one will know! 

If you’re a hotel or events venue, partner with a local gin distillery and set up a gin-based tasting, or even work with them to set up a competition where winners receive a VIP trip to the distillery.

12th-18th June – Healthy Eating Week

Before we tuck into a whole load of strawberries and cream-based desserts later this month, the middle of June means it’s time to embrace healthy eating. 

If you’re an F&B business, make a special effort to promote your veggie and vegan menus, and create offers for your healthiest dishes and drinks (smoothies are your best friend here).

Anyone who works in an office can set up a healthy eating table for their hungry colleagues, and share on social media for all to see.

19th June – Father’s Day

It’s time to celebrate all fathers young and old, dead or alive! Ask your team to share a photo of their dad and one thing they love about them for the company Instagram.

What do (most) dads love? Beer. If you’re an F&B business, reward all dads that come into your restaurant with a free pint of beer. Or, mix it up and do something to stand out from the rest. Dads hardly ever receive flowers, so why not be the first to give them? Your brand is sure to be remembered for this kind and unique gesture.

24th June: Bring Your Dog to Work Day

Forget the Queen’s Jubilee! There is no day more important in June than Bring Your Dog to Work Day. 

This one’s fairly self-explanatory… bring your dog to work. But like all novelty days, there are always ways to mix it up. For example, ask your team to bring in any pet of their choice (although the pet tarantula might be a miss). Is your office full of cat-lovers? Make the day your own and bring in your pet cats – just be prepared for some potential violence in the staff room!

It cannot be forgotten that Bring Your Dog to Work Day is an event created by ethical pet company Hownd to raise money for animal charities. If you’re a F&B business, perhaps dedicate a special dish to the cause and have a percentage of profits go towards an animal charity. Or make your restaurant dog-friendly for the day (if it isn’t already) and ask dog-owners to donate to your chosen charity.

(Pictured – Judit, Head of Social Media with her pooch!)

June marketing

27th June – Wimbledon begins!

Ah, Wimbledon. Strawberries, cream and sunshine… oh, and a bit of tennis. 

This is your chance to serve up a strawberry and cream-based dessert better than anywhere else and showcase it all over socials. Give it your own branded twist, or do something wacky and outside-the-box that might grab the attention of journalists. There’s always scope for a limited edition strawberry and cream-themed cocktail, hmmm.

With Wimbledon being a live sport, anything can happen. Get your funniest social media team member to provide Twitter commentary throughout the matches – there’s nothing better than quick reactive brands. 

If all else fails, any F&B site with a pub garden has a fabulous advantage here. Create special discounts on some of your best drink offerings and start screening the matches. As long as you can entice customers with a big screen, they’ll stay for everything else you offer.


Still need more content ideas for your June marketing calendar? Get in touch with Posh Cockney today.