Posh Cockney manages the PR, Marketing and Social Media for Array, a high-end restaurant in Essex. In this case study, we will focus primarily on digital marketing and how we used that to launch the brand. In particular, we will look at social media, email marketing and website development, and how the three work hand in hand.

Our Objective

To create a unique and eye catching social media platform that builds brand awareness and drives footfall into the restaurant. Helping Array become a destination venue for diners.
To build an extensive mailing list that helped to drive bookings through email marketing. To build a brand new website with unique and precise content and great SEO.


The client was very reluctant to use paid ads which meant that all growth needed to come from organic posts. Whilst Essex is a large country, it’s just far enough outside of London to make guests not want to travel.
Both the website and mailing list had to be created entirely from scratch.

Our Approach

We knew that content would be key for this client, so we took time to ensure we captured the very best images and videos to promote the launch. We utalised Kem’s celebrity status and event guestlist. The team spent time researching the local areas, demographic and competitors before putting a full plan together.

What we did 

We started by creating a holding page for Array with a sign up to the newsletter for news and updates, this instantly began to collect data of anyone with an interest in the new restaurant.

Our website development team got straight to work on designing a sleek and streamline website.

We knew straightaway that Instagram would be the key platform for Array so this quickly became our main focus for social media. We began by teasing designs of the building along with the logo and the news of the opening. Next, it was time to meet the team! We released images of the Array team one by one, ending on a video of Kem and Nadir. This got followers invested in the story of Array and the people behind it, before the venue was even ready for guests. 

It was essential that the website, Instagram and mailing list were created simultaneously and worked together to build Array’s digital presence. 

The Results

Before the launch event, Array had over 30k followers on Instagram and 4k mailing list subscribers, all egar to hear news of the opening. This meant that when we announced on social media that bookings for the restaurant were open, they took an incredible 5,000 bookings in the first day alone. 

6 months after the opening and array now has a mailing list of over 10k subscribers with an open rate of between 45-50% on every send out which is always followed by a spike in bookings. 

What's next?

We will continue to grow Array’s social media following and guestlist and create engaging content inorder to maintain them. 

The website is updated regularly with landing pages for anyupcoming events, driving users towards the booking platform. 

Our PR team have gained some great press coverage for Array with many articles containing high quality backlinks, improving the page’s SEO.

Our newsletters are always AB tested and the results monitored carefully to ensure we aren’t sending updates too regularly and that out CTAs are clear. 

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