Posh Cockney were asked to create an eye-catching campaign that would create a great buzz on social media and across major publications. Using Celestial Cinema’s Home Edition kits, we created an at home cinema experience for James Jordan, focused around Father’s day, which launched a competition to win the same prize.

Our Objective

To build brand awareness and get people talking about Celestial Cinema. To create a campaign that would drive traffic to their website and ultimately, increase sales. The campaign was to be based around Father’s Day and promote their Father’s Day Hero boxes.


We were working to a very tight time schedule, so securing a celebrity dad for our campaign, along with the availability of suppliers was a challenge.
Due to working with a well known celeb, gaining press coverage wasn’t a problem. However, the challenge came when ensuring the press coverage contained a strong mention of our client and their product.

Our Approach

Posh Cockney have been working with Celestial Cinema for over a year so already have a good understanding of the brand.

We know that to gain good press coverage, we need a good story, and a celebrity angle is always a great way to grab the attention of major publications. We made the decision to use a celebrity dad to launch a Best Dad in Britain competition, where the winner would win the same experience as the celeb.

The set up would include a huge cinema screen showing their favourite movie, drinks, snacks, a hot tub and incredible decor. 

What we did 

Celestial Cinema’s internal graphics team created an eye catching asset for social media. We fine tuned the details of the competition and shared it across all platforms simultaneously.

A new page was added to the Celestial Cinema website where people could nominate their Dad or Father Figure as the Best Dad in Britain, submitting the reasons why they think they would win. The winner would be announced on Father’s Day and would win the Ultimate Dad’s Night In.

Then it was time to focus on the big event.

The first job was to select and confirm a Celebrity for the event. We chose James Jordan as he had recently lost his own Dad and this would be his first PR event since. His wife Ola Jordan and little girl would also be in attendance, as well as a group of their friends and family. 

They have a beautiful, large garden with a pool, making it the perfect location.


Next, we needed to confirm the suppliers. We used brands that either ourselves or Celestial Cinema had worked with before as we knew and trusted their servided.

Hot Tub – Clever Spa
Beer – Tiny Rebel

Food – One Fine Dine

Igloo – Glitz and Glam events

We created a press release and sent it out to all major publications informing them of the event and letting them know that we would be sending images the following morning.

Event Day

We arrived at James and Ol’s house in the morning and spent the day setting up, ensuring everything looked perfect.

Guests arrived at 7pm, to a selection of canapes and drinks. They had time to mingle and enjoy themselves before the movie was shown at sunset.

Posh Cockney Productions were there all day, capturing incredible images and videos.

The next morning, we sent a new press release along with exclusive images to journalists. We kept a few back just in case we needed something extra to wow them with in a follow up. 

The images were shared on social media, giving us another big push on the competition as people could see how incredible the prize was. 

James and Ola both posted the images on their social media, gaining incredible interactions. 

All that was left to do was wait one more week for Father’s Day so the competition winner could be announced! 

The Results

The campaign picked up coverage in some of the UK’s biggest publications and was shared across social media platforms.

The competition received 200 entries, which was lower than we had hoped for. However, the campaign drove 1.5k people to the Celestial Cinema website.

Celestial cinema also saw a big spike in sales of their Home Edition boxes during this period.

The competition also saw a large number of people enquiring how they can order the same experience for themselves, with a massive spike in newsletter sign ups.

Press Coverage 

The story was covered in Hello! magazine with an estimated 95.4K coverage views. The article was shared 74 times on social media. The article contained a click link direct to Celestial Cinema’s website.

The story was also featured in the Daily Mail with an estimated 280K coverage views.

James Jordan posted the event video to his Instagram feed, gaining 25k views.

What's next?

Posh Cockney continues to work with Celestial Cinema and their sister brand Stardust LDN. We are currently working on their summer brunch event. 

Key Services Supplied

  • PR – Press releases and Press engagement
  • Strategic Planning
  • Event Management
  • Photography and Videography
  • Social Media Management
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