Fantastic news for the Hospitality Sector

“Eat out to help out” The words of UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak today as he announces his plans to help the hospitality sector.

This is hugely exciting news for everyone in the hospitality industry and we are sure it is going to tempt those last few diners who were unsure about coming back to their favourite bars and restaurants.

The scheme will offer every diner 50% off their meal, up to £10 per head, Monday – Wednesday for the whole of August. This will only apply in participating establishments, but I think most venues will be quick to jump onto this. The voucher will cover food and non-alcoholic (sorry grownups) beverages.

Diners will get the discount instantly, and it will be down to the venues to claim the money back, with the funds falling into their bank account within 5 working days.

But that isn’t the only incentive the government are putting in place, there is even more good news for restaurants, pubs and cafes.

Food, accommodation and attractions will all have their VAT cut from 20% to just 5% for the next 6 months. However, if you are planning to rush to your local this weekend, you won’t be entitled for this just yet. The reduction will start on Wednesday 15th July and run right through until 12th January – Yep! Discounted Christmas office party meals!

These schemes hope to help the 1.8 million workers in the hospitality sector to successfully rebuild our world famous hospitality industry. Britain really wouldn’t be the same without our pubs and restaurants, whether it be small local venues or global chains, this industry is the centre of so many people’s lives, bringing together friends and families for their favourite dishes.

Here at Posh Cockney we are thrilled to see the industry getting back on its feet and we know these schemes are going to be a huge help. Looks like summer 2020 isn’t cancelled after all!

Emma Bolton | | 22 Henrietta Street London WC2E 8ND

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The Countdown to reopening Begins!

Fed up of drinking at home? British summer time is known for bustling beer gardens and this is something that has certainly been missed so far this year. But from July 4th, the British public will be able to head back to their favourite venues and enjoy a freshly poured pint!

It’s the headline that everyone in the Hospitality Sector has been eagerly awaiting, and paired with the news of a reduction in the two metre rule, English bars and restaurants are gearing up for a busy reopening of their doors from early July.

Here at Posh Cockney, we are thrilled to be able to welcome customers back into our client venue, Happy, from July. With central London empty of tourists, we can’t wait to have more of London’s locals through the doors of this family run restaurant.

In August we will be introducing Bosporus to London’s Leister Square, offering the very best in Turkish cuisine in a relaxed and cosy environment. This will be a fantastic addition to London’s hospitality scene and we cannot wait to share it with you.

Liam CEO of Posh Cockney “We are delighted to see the news regarding the one metre rule from Boris Johnson. We can’t wait to get the hospitality sector back up and running. It’s not going to be the same, it’s a new normal, but everyone will pull together and we look forward to opening our client’s venues, Happy in July and bringing Bosporus to London in August.”

Summer 2020 is definitely not cancelled and we know that people are more ready than ever to step into the exciting world of London hospitality and we are so ready to welcome you back. Here’s hoping that our Welsh, Scottish and Irish neighbours will be able to step out and join us soon to!

Emma Bolton | PR Assistant | |

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Lockdown might have left us both Shaken and Stirred but we won’t let it put a stop to #NationalMartiniDay

It may be 60 years since James Bond uttered the famous works “Shaken, Not Stirred” but this classic cocktail is still as popular as ever.  And who can blame consumers? When this timeless drink offers class, sophistication and simplicity.

What is a Martini?

The much loved Martini has a long and controversial history and is often the centre of debates between many a cocktail connoisseur and waist coated mixologist.

The exact birth of the Martini is unclear, but most people believe it to have originated in 1911 in New York, created by a man named Martini Di Arma Di Taggia. But other accounts but the origin back to as early as 1860. That’s over 150 years of Martini drinking!

The Classic Martini is made of just two ingredients – Gin (or  vodka) and Vermouth with an added garnish, this simplicity is what makes it a bestselling cocktail, all around the world.

Ever wondered why the stem of the famous Martini Glass is so long? There are many theories on this; one is that this allows the cocktail to stay chilled, safely away from the hands of the drinker, as traditionally, no ice is added.  Another (and my preferred) reasoning is that during Prohibition, the shape of the glass allowed for the drinker to quickly dispose of their liquor before the police arrived.

Not all famous Martini drinkers were fictional; Humphrey Bogart, Noel Coward, Gerald Ford and Richard Nixon are all well known for enjoying a Martini or three!

Gin V Vodka

This much debated subject is a no brainer for cocktail experts and they would be mildly (or largely) offended by anything other than Gin being used in a Martini. However, many Martini drinkers prefer the smoother and more modern taste created by swapping Gin for Vodka – James Bond has a lot to answer for!

How to celebrate #NationalMartiniDay in Lockdown

Dirty, straight up or with a twist, there are endless ways to enjoy a Martini and we absolutely will not let lockdown stop us from raising a glass to National Martini Day.

This is the perfect excuse to get (only 6!) of your closest friends together (outside and 2m apart of course) for your very own cocktail party.  Why not research and experiment with a new recipe? Or perhaps just stick with the sophisticated classic – shaken or stirred?

Or if you’re opting for a night in at home, this is a great chance to test your partners cocktail pallet, make each other a Martini creation and see if they can tell you what you’ve opted to add!

However you choose to observe the Lockdown National Martini Day, the Posh Cockney Team are sure that the Martini will stay high on everyone’s classic cocktail favourites list. Cheers to that!

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The Posh Cockney Podcast is back!

The wait is finally over. Liam Norval is back with season two of The Posh Cockney Podcast, and it is going to be bigger and better than ever.

After an incredible first season, we are thrilled to be back, bringing you hospitality news from the Hospitality Titans. We have some incredible names lined up and episode one is no exception, with an exclusive interview from the CEO of NTIA Michael Kill, who has a vast amount of knowledge across many fields.

“I have been overwhelmed with the response from season one and I’m so excited to be able to bring you another season of incredible guests and educational and inspiring chats with some of the biggest names in the industry.” – Liam Norval, Posh Cockney CEO

The number of people listening to podcasts in the UK has risen by 45% in the last year, making it one of the fastest growing media platforms. We are delighted to be part of this and can’t wait to bring you even more industry knowledge and insights from the very best of the hospitality industry.

Podcasts not your thing? We have a solution for that! This season, you will also have the opportunity to watch these interviews on our new Posh Cockney TV video channel, as well as downloading the audio through your chosen podcast platform. Keep an eye out for more updates on that very very soon.

For those that haven’t tuned in yet, it is not too late! You still have time to listen to the whole of season one, where you can hear Liam talking all things hospitality with Pete Warden, Hospitality Director at LXA, discussing everything you need to know about events with the world renowned Wesley Mendy and looking at new beginnings with celebrity chef Luke Thomas, plus many more!

For our regular listeners, we are sure that this season is going to be well worth the wait, and with Covid19 having such a massive impact on hospitality, we know that you are going to be keen to tune in and listen to everyone’s (hopefully positive!) thoughts and comments on what the future has in store for us.

We can’t wait to inspire and educate you all and are very excited to release the full line up soon, watch this space!

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Are you ready for Posh Cockney TV? Our new dedicated hospitality channel is waiting for you.

Posh Cockney is delighted to have launched our brand new channel, Posh Cockney TV!

After a hugely successful first season for the Posh Cockney Podcast, we are excited to be introducing a second platform and can’t wait to share it with you. Watch Now Posh Cockney TV will be a YouTube based channel, brought to you by our CEO Liam Norval and the PC team. Focusing on the hospitality industry, we will be bringing you the very best industry names, exclusive venue insights and the very latest industry news.

Can you believe that the first YouTube video was only uploaded in April 2005? Now it’s hard to remember a time without it! 15 years on, with 2 billion active YouTube viewers each month, it is clear that this is an incredibly powerful platform to be on board with. Whilst videos of pets may be high on everyone’s watch list (right!?), we are sure that Posh Cockney TV is going to be an exciting, educational, and insightful channel for everyone in the hospitality industry.

“I am delighted to be able to bring another platform to you from Posh Cockney. We know how powerful YouTube is and how we can engage with our audience and clients and feel like this is the perfect platform for us to take on and we look forward to bringing you some incredible videos that we know you will love and can share with your friends. Whilst our love for podcasts is strong, there is really no comparison to putting a face to the name and getting to know our fabulous interviewees a little bit more. Please subscribe to the channel to keep updated with every show. “ – Liam Norval, Posh Cockney CEO .

Do you want to appear on PCTV? Do you have an amazing hospitality story or a venue you would like us to cover? Let us know and we will do our best to share the journey with you.
We really hope that you are as excited as we are about Posh Cockney TV and can’t wait to share more industry insights with you.

Emma Bolton | PR Assistant | |

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A Pair of Posh Cockneys Visit the French Riviera

During a 10 day working trip to the Riviera, we had a great chance to see what this beautiful destination has to offer our clients. As part of our research we visited the most amazing and stunning hotels in Nice & Monaco to meet with our contacts in the travel and event industries. Starting off in Nice, for a three-day stay at the centrally located ‘Le Meridian’, we were soon struck by the delights of this vibrant City.

We didn’t have to wander far from our hotel to discover why Nice has been a destination of choice for the British since the 18th century. Our deluxe room looked out onto the incredibly beautiful seafront boulevard ‘Promenade des Anglais’ and the delightful ‘Jardin Albert 1ER’ park.
The promenade stretches out for 7km to offer a delightful place to walk, run, cycle or just sit and enjoy the stunning sea views. The pebbly beach (take appropriate beach shoes) has an array of beach restaurants where you can pay for a sunbed bed and umbrella, as well as towels.

We strolled a great deal exploring the fabulous array of outside dining restaurants and coffee bars. We struggled to stay out of the enticing designer shops, so decided not to struggle and gave in to the temptation. Kidding ourselves that they were French brands, so probably cheaper in Nice…not the case!

We certainly burnt off lots of calories walking up and down the boulevard for a morning and evening exercise regime. We needed to exercise as we ate our weight in French pastries and three course lunches and dinners – not forgetting the French rose wines.

Nice is steeped in history stemming from its popularity with the aristocracy in the 18th century, which brought huge wealth and has helped to define this extremely picturesque city. Visitors don’t have to spend a fortune here, as we dined mostly in the local cafés and restaurants in the old part of Nice, where we had some great value and exceptional dishes.

We also ventured out of the City one evening to the delightful neighbouring town of Villefranche. When we drove into this historic old town we were instantly struck by the beauty and scenery.

Traditionally styled pastel coloured buildings and narrow medieval streets make this a picture postcard destination and one of the hidden gems in the Riviera.

In the cobbled streets and the pretty harbour area there are many invitingly lit eateries and bars, which can be better value than the centre of Nice and equally good food. Or, you can choose to dine with the elite at some of the fabulous Michelin starred restaurants.

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Posh Cockney does YOYOSNO

The Posh Cockney concierge team are proud to present their latest partnership achievement with the wonderful Yoyosno Ski & Yoga Retreat Team.

We are collaborating with the crew from Yoyosno to provide our clients with the opportunity to book an exclusive skiing and yoga retreat, with luxury accommodation and 5star catering in the incredible resort of Morzine. This already well-established retreat experience gives our clients a health and fitness destination with a difference.

Yoyosno provide you with unique and personalised ski instruction as well as world class yoga in an outstanding setting. During your 7 day retreat you will improve your skiing ability with important technique instruction, along with analysis of your skiing progress by professional ski instructor ‘Amy Marwick’.

Amy is partnered by the highly skilled yoga teacher ‘Lauren Anderson’ who will help you achieve peace for your mind, body and soul with her superb yoga stretches. You will take part in a morning ‘Vinyasa’ class, which will energise you for an exhilarating day on the slopes.

Then in the evenings you will unwind and ease your tired body with a soothing ‘Yin’ class.

As an added bonus for yoga enthusiasts, Yoyosno are proud to announce that the famous yoga instructor ‘Jacob Mellish’ will be guiding your yoga sessions during the retreats. Jacob is one of Instagram’s most influential yogis and his classes are pleasantly challenging as well as a great deal of fun.

The 7-day retreat will help rebalance your mind and get you physically and mentally fit for the year ahead. Whether you are a regular skier or a yoga fanatic, or just starting out on the slopes and want to get into the delights of yoga – the Yoyosno team will provide the perfect balance of lessons for every ability.

Based in the beautiful valley of Morzine and near the ski area of Portes des Soleil you will stay in the luxury Chalet Belle Chery. This gorgeous converted barn is situated on a snowy hillside between Morzine and Avoiriaz which provides you with not only some of the best skiing in the world but also some of the most spectacular views.

A big advantage in your retreat package, will be a ski pass to access the whole of the Portes de Soleil, so you can follow the best conditions and explore a different piste every day.

The retreat and chalet will be a shared experience to enable interaction in the spacious open plan accommodation during meal times or while relaxing around the cosy wood burner.

While you ski or do yoga, your private chefs will be catering for your culinary requirements. Using the freshest and most colourful of vegetarian ingredients the Chefs will be creating menus that will be delicious and satisfying.

These dishes may not contain meat but you can guarantee they will be substantial and will contain the finest seasonal flavours from around the world.

Yoyosno already have the backing of the famous yoga and fitness fashion label ‘Lululemon’ who have recognised this retreat as being a ‘World Class Experience with an Exciting Twist.’

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Posh Cockney collaborate with ROLZO

Posh Cockney are thrilled to have partnered with luxury transportation service ROLZO. This collaboration will ensure a range of exquisite makes and models, to fulfil our clients every travelling need – whether it be business or pleasure.

Choose from ROLZO’s unmatched fleet of cars, such as elegant Bentleys, ferocious Ferraris, to robust Range Rovers. Let someone else take the wheel and opt for their premier chauffer services – available hourly for A-to-B journeys, or choose your preferred vehicle and be your own pilot.

Whether it be sports cars, convertibles, executive limousines or SUVs, all are made available by ROLZO, offering an option for every mood. ROLZO are committed to elevating journeys internationally, servicing more than 60 countries, 300 cities and 500 airports around the world.

Posh Cockney eagerly welcome the collaboration and are confident that this joint venture will be a prosperous one. Posh Cockney can cover all the necessary details involved to keep up with client’s lifestyle requirements, making their time-precious lives a little easier.

Let Posh Cockney manage and organise your hospitality desires, and ROLZO will lavishly deliver you there.

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