Luxury Staycation Travel Deals

No one can argue that 2020 has become the year of the Staycation. With trips abroad resulting in two weeks of quarantine, who can blame people for opting for a trip to the beautiful British coastline, or swapping a week in Spain for a week relaxing in the English countryside.

When most people think of a holiday in the UK, they see tents, mud, rain and too much time spent in far too close proximity to their family members. But we have got the perfect solution for that.


How does 12 nights in a beautiful 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom luxury beach house, overlooking the ocean in western Cornwall sound? Or Christmas and New Year spent in a beautiful house alongside the canal in the Cotswolds?

Posh Cockney are able to offer you some fantastic deals on incredible luxury getaways over the Festive period.

Take a look at the options available below:


  • Location: Sennen Cove, Cornwall, UK
  • Availability:  21stDecember 2020 – 4th January 2021
  • Sleeps: up to 7 guests
  • Price: 9,890 GBP



  • Location: St Just In Roseland, Cornwall, UK
  • Availability: 22ndDecember 2020 – 5th January 2021
  • Sleep: Up to 8 guests
  • Price: 8,250 GBP



  • Location:Claydon, Banbury, Oxfordshire, The Cotswolds
  • Availability:  21stDecember 2020 – 4th January 2021
  • Sleep: Up to 6 guests
  • Price: 7,590 GBP



  • Location: Croyde, Devon
  • Availability:  21st– 28th December 2020
  • Sleep: up to 10 guests
  • Price: 7,239 GBP


We know that these beautiful properties would be the perfect location for friends and families to spend the Christmas break together. This year hasn’t been easy for many people, and what better way to relax and see in the New Year?

For more information on any of the options available get in touch with us at, where we will be waiting to create the perfect staycation for you and your loved ones.


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Let’s eliminate the Stigma of Mental Health in the Hospitality Industry

10th September 2020 is suicide prevention day. Whilst it may feel like this topic is getting more commonly spoken about, the stigma attached to suicide and mental health is, unfortunately, still huge. If someone has a problem with their leg, chances are they are going to complain about it all day, so why is it that so many people are still suffering in silence when it comes to mental health?

Working in hospitality often leads to long, stressful hours. In recent years, we seem to have lost the ability to say no – always agreeing to that extra shift, those extra hours or that impossible up sell and additional responsibilities. The need to be seen by management and peers as being the hardest working team member, has over taken the need to look after our physical and mental health.

Last month, Posh Cockney CEO Liam Norval interviewed Director of The Burnt Chef Project, Kris Hall. The Burnt Chef Project started in May 2019 and quickly gained momentum; they have a growing social media following and have recently had some great mainstream press features. However, with 3.2 million people working in the Hospitality Industry, they are still only just scratching the surface. The project aims to eliminate the stigma attached to mental health, as well as educating both employers and employees on how to help anyone suffering in their work place. They want to provide people with a voice, and the confidence to speak up and stop suffering in silence.

In a survey that they conducted in May 2020, they found that 4 out of 5 of the 1273 respondents had experienced one or more periods of ill mental health as a result of their role in hospitality. 64% of those people said that part of the reason for that ill health was because they had no time for a healthy work, life balance. Is it time we started to learn to say no to that extra shift?

The most worrying part of the study showed that 46% of respondents said they did not feel comfortable discussing their mental health with a manager or their colleagues. This absolutely must change. Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) courses are widely available (often online) all across the country. They are aimed at businesses and organisations, helping them to put systems in place to prevent, spot and help anyone within the organisation suffering from poor mental health. Sometimes all it takes is for one person to step up and ask if you’re feeling okay.

Tragically, ill mental health can be fatal. In 2018, 6,507 people died in the UK as a result of suicide. How many of those could have been stopped if they felt they were able to ask for help?

We can all do our bit to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health. Normalise talking about your mental health in the way you would your physical problems. “I’m feeling anxious today” is something so so many of us say to ourselves; let’s start saying it out loud. If someone you know doesn’t seem quite themselves – talk to them, start that conversation and make sure they know you are there if they need you.

If you or someone around you is in a moment of crisis, there are many organisations that are on hand to help you.

Samaritans have a crisis line, someone is always available to talk – 116 123 or you can email them:

Shout is a texting service, available 24 hours a day – 85258.

The Burnt Chef Project also offer lots of advice and support on their website:


To watch the full interview with Kris Hall on PCTV, click here.

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Bespoke masks, Avocados and Century Club

Have you seen the latest episode of London after Lockdown yet!?

Episode 7 of London after Lockdown is here! In this episode, Liam meets Ronald Holmberg from Century Club, Aaron Mifsud from Avobar in Covent Garden and Wesley Mendy from Prestige Events Magazine and Savile Row Masks.

If you love hospitality and you love London, this is the show for you!

First stop this week is Century club, one of Liam’s favourite spots in London. Here, he chats with Ronald Holmberg about how he, and the club, have adapted to life post lockdown. The reopening of the venue will see a huge expansion to their roof terrace area to accommodate the need for more guests being outside. Member safety will always come first and the venue are soon releasing a video, detailing all of their Covid safety measures.

Next stop, lunch at Avobar. This is the perfect spot for any health and fitness lover as their menu is jam packed with healthy food and drink. We meet owner Aaron Mifsud as he explains their extensive cleaning routines, dressed appropriately in his mask and gloves!

On the topic of masks, that takes us nicely onto stop number three, where Liam chats to close friend and owner of Prestige Magazine, Wesley Mendy. Not one to relax and put his feet up during lockdown, Wesley spent the time researching, developing and creating Savile Row Masks. These distinguished and distinctive masks are designed to be comfortable, well fitting and tailored, whilst still keeping you safe and being affordable for all. What’s the future of the events world looking like? Wesley is confident that the events industry will bounce back, with more start ups and creativity leading the way.

To watch the full episode, click here. Don’t forget to subscribe to make sure you don’t miss out! London after Lockdown is the perfect way to keep up to date on what’s happening in central London right now.


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Another 12 month wait for Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park

As September begins, it is only natural that we start moving away from thoughts of summer holidays and trips to the beach and towards autumnal hot drinks, winter walks and yep, you guessed it…. Christmas. As lockdown put a stop to most of the summer fun, this year more than ever, people are looking towards Christmas to bring back some cheer. Unfortunately, less than 24 hours into September we have been hit with some pretty bad news – Winter Wonderland 2020 has been cancelled.

Since 2007 Winter Wonderland has been a huge part of Christmas for many. Last year saw 3 million people squeeze through the gates to Hyde Park for their mulled wine, hot chocolate and beer in over sized glasses! Freezing temperatures and a battle for a seat never put Londoners and tourists off a visit to this iconic event.

As well as festive drinks, visitors can fill up on delicious food from a number of themed bars and restaurants and an incredible market. Winter Wonderland is the perfect place to start your Christmas shopping, with a huge selection of gifts for all ages. There are rides and attractions for thrill seekers, as well as live music, spectacular shows and even an ice rink!

For the first time in thirteen years, London is going to be a little bit less Christmassy. Many will argue that this is the correct and safest decision, but it sure is a sad one for the team at Winter Wonderland and for the millions of people hoping to attend this year.

A statement across their social media read: “It is with a heavy heart we share that Hyde Park Winter Wonderland will not be taking place this year. Our team has worked tirelessly, exploring every option in the hopes of being able to move forward with the event in a responsible manner, and provide London with some much-needed festive cheer.”

They added: “However, in light of ongoing health concerns, travel restrictions and uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, and considering the size and scale of this event, we just couldn’t find a way to do that without sacrificing the very thing that makes the event so special: bringing friends and family together in a fun, safe and interactive environment to celebrate the festive season.”

This draws everyone’s attention back to the events and hospitality industry. How do we fight back from this? Hundreds of agency, seasonal and temporary event staff would have had this pencilled into their diaries, after a summer of incredibly limited work. The events and marketing team at Winter Wonderland will have been planning this for months.  Retailers and food and beverage outlets now have limited time to try and find an alternative event (…?) to make an income over the festive period. Contractors, lighting, sound technicians, all out of a job. With an increasing amount of Pantos announcing they are unable to open this year and all large scale events at risk, the events and entertainment industries desperately need help. Here at Posh Cockney, we love events, for many of the team, it is where our passion for great hospitality started and we cannot wait to be able to get back to it. We Make Events has issues a Red Alert to highlight the ongoing problem and to try and gain meaningful government support, keep an eye out across social media for more updates on this!

That’s enough of the doom and gloom. Whilst the news of having to wait another 12 months to visit Winter Wonderland is sad, we know that London and the rest of the country will be doing whatever it can to bring the festive cheer. Large scale events may be difficult, but we are confident that smaller, local markets and socially distanced outdoor shows will be popping up in cities all over the country. You can even check out Timeout London’s list of festive things to do in London here!

How early is too early to put up the tree…?

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Posh Cockney TV

An incredible 100,000 views in 6 weeks for PCTV

A few months ago, after a hugely successful first series of the Posh Cockney podcast, we realised that we had a lot more to give and that there was a whole platform that we hadn’t tapped into. Posh Cockney TV was born. At the time, we set ourselves the humble target of 100,000 viewers in the first 6 months. Last night, we hit that target in just 6 weeks! With 90,000 of those viewers tuning in this month alone, we are very excited to see those numbers keep on growing.

Our flagship programme London after Lockdown takes you around London to some of the biggest and best bars, cafes and restaurants, as Liam speaks with some of the biggest names in hospitality about what life is like for them in the New Normal. Whilst Hospitality will always be at the heart of what we do here at Posh Cockney, PCTV is expanding and growing beyond that. With weekly interviews from some of the greats in the sport and entertainment world, Liam finds out what motivated them and what it takes to get to the top. Head over to PCTV now to watch all of this plus much much more.

“I am so grateful for the support you have all shown us during these hard times. We will continue to spread a positive message for Hospitality and keep creating content you all love.” – Posh Cockney CEO and channel presenter Liam Norval

We are pleased to officially announce the launch of Posh Cockney Productions, a brand new arm to our business. Our success is a clear case study of what we can do for you and your business. Incredible content, high quality filming and editing, an engaging audience and your brand at the heart of it all – What would you do with 100,000 new people seeing your business every month?

If you want to know our secret and how you can elevate your brand in ways you may think are unimaginable, please get in touch today – .

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How is the Hospitality Industry really coping?

With the news of 35 million consumers using the Eat out to Help Out scheme hitting the headlines, it would seem the general feeling is that things are looking up for the hospitality sector. But what’s really going on? How is the Hospitality Industry really coping?

48,000 businesses have made their claims online and with no reported compensation issues so far, it’s been a huge success, surely? In some cases, yes it has been. Open table say that restaurants are 27% fuller on average Monday – Wednesday than they usually are in august. But what we need to remember is that venues are still operating with skeleton staff in order to stick to the government Covid 19 guidelines. How do you run a restaurant that is 27% busier with less staff than usual I hear you ask!? That is a question that many venues are still struggling to answer.

In Leicester, police presence has been necessary to manage the queues outside of their restaurants as people are eager to make the most of the Eat Out to Help Out scheme now that their local lockdown restrictions have finally been lifted.  In many coastal areas such as Devon and Cornwall, venues have had to pull out of the scheme as they simply cannot cope with the extra volume of customers at a time when they are already very busy – perhaps the scheme would have been better timed in October, when crowds at the beach have thinned and businesses are struggling for customers again.

What next?

The treasurer believes that the key to saving the economy post lockdown is down to the health of the hospitality sector. Now, whilst it really is great for us that we are the centre of his attention, more needs to be done to help.

Fears of a huge slump in numbers in September are understandably very high. Rent needs to be paid and the end of the furlough scheme is fast approaching.  With no response from the government on whether they will extend the Eat out to Help Out scheme, some restaurant groups have taken matters into their own hands. Gaucho Group and Brindisa restaurants have both said that they will be extending the scheme themselves into the autumn in the hope to continue to drive sales. They are encouraging other restaurants to follow in their footsteps in the hope to get the hospitality industry booming again.

Unfortunately for some venues this is all too little too late. We have seen many closures from both independent venues and large chains. Pizza express has announced that it will be closing 73 of its outlets, effecting 1,100 jobs. Tourist hotspot Cereal Killer Café has also announced that it will be closing both of its central London venues as it cannot survive in the New Normal. It isn’t all doom and gloom though; some restaurants are fighting against the tide and are working hard to open. Gordon Ramsey has announced that he is planning to create 50 new sites across the UK after his plans are apparently unaffected by Covid 19.

How is London coping?

This week I braved the Tube for the first time, boarding at Waterloo at 5pm and getting off at Leicester Square. Anyone who knows London will know that this journey at this time would normally involve a long wait at the platform to be able to even get onto the carriage, followed by 15 minutes of hot sweaty hell whilst standing shoulder to shoulder with strangers making their way home from work. This week however, I sat comfortably in a seat and shared the carriage with only about 10 other passengers.  Whilst this of course makes travelling around London far more enjoyable, this has a huge knock on effect to the Hospitality sector in the city centre.

Whilst other cities in the UK are starting to see their numbers creep back up to normal, this is sadly not the case in London. With Google not planning to bring its workers back to their offices until September 2021 and many other businesses  likely to follow, we could be looking at another 12 months of empty tube carriages. Could London Rush Hour be a thing of the past!?

Another huge factor effecting central London is tourism. The hospitality industry has asked the government to do more to attract people back to our capital. Free face masks on the tube, surprise celebrity pop ups and beer and gin artisan walking tours are all among the suggestions. And of course, theatre. Not only is the West End a huge tourist attraction in London and a hugely important part of British culture, it puts bums on seats in restaurants at 6:30 for pre theatre meals – just another reason in a very long list of why we need to save the arts.

“Central London has taken a huge hit. I am confident that we can get the Hospitality industry back on its feet but we need everyone to work together to achieve this. With offices staying closed and a far smaller number of tourists coming to the UK, it is down to local residents to get back out there and visit the restaurants in their capital city. We are so lucky to have such an incredible range of venues and cuisines and there is no better time to go out and experience it!” – Liam Norval, Hospitality expert and CEO at Posh Cockney

What can we do to help?

  • Book in advance. Make a reservation and if you can’t make it, let them know. It sounds obvious but unfortunately venues are being hit with a huge number of no shows.
  • Say yes to Track and Trace. No one likes giving over their personal details, but the quicker we accept that this is going to be a key part in our ability to move forward, the quicker we can get on with things. We need to prove to people that our system works and that we are doing everything we can to keep consumers safe.
  • Be nice to staff. This should need no explanation. Eat out to Help Out has left staff over worked and stressed in a time when they are already worried about the safety of being back in work. Be nice!
  • Keep washing your hands. Prevention is better than cure! Let’s stop the spread so we can avoid local lockdowns and keep our industry safe.


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Fantastic news for the Hospitality Sector

“Eat out to help out” The words of UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak today as he announces his plans to help the hospitality sector.

This is hugely exciting news for everyone in the hospitality industry and we are sure it is going to tempt those last few diners who were unsure about coming back to their favourite bars and restaurants.

The scheme will offer every diner 50% off their meal, up to £10 per head, Monday – Wednesday for the whole of August. This will only apply in participating establishments, but I think most venues will be quick to jump onto this. The voucher will cover food and non-alcoholic (sorry grownups) beverages.

Diners will get the discount instantly, and it will be down to the venues to claim the money back, with the funds falling into their bank account within 5 working days.

But that isn’t the only incentive the government are putting in place, there is even more good news for restaurants, pubs and cafes.

Food, accommodation and attractions will all have their VAT cut from 20% to just 5% for the next 6 months. However, if you are planning to rush to your local this weekend, you won’t be entitled for this just yet. The reduction will start on Wednesday 15th July and run right through until 12th January – Yep! Discounted Christmas office party meals!

These schemes hope to help the 1.8 million workers in the hospitality sector to successfully rebuild our world famous hospitality industry. Britain really wouldn’t be the same without our pubs and restaurants, whether it be small local venues or global chains, this industry is the centre of so many people’s lives, bringing together friends and families for their favourite dishes.

Here at Posh Cockney we are thrilled to see the industry getting back on its feet and we know these schemes are going to be a huge help. Looks like summer 2020 isn’t cancelled after all!

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Lockdown might have left us both Shaken and Stirred but we won’t let it put a stop to #NationalMartiniDay

It may be 60 years since James Bond uttered the famous works “Shaken, Not Stirred” but this classic cocktail is still as popular as ever.  And who can blame consumers? When this timeless drink offers class, sophistication and simplicity.

What is a Martini?

The much loved Martini has a long and controversial history and is often the centre of debates between many a cocktail connoisseur and waist coated mixologist.

The exact birth of the Martini is unclear, but most people believe it to have originated in 1911 in New York, created by a man named Martini Di Arma Di Taggia. But other accounts but the origin back to as early as 1860. That’s over 150 years of Martini drinking!

The Classic Martini is made of just two ingredients – Gin (or  vodka) and Vermouth with an added garnish, this simplicity is what makes it a bestselling cocktail, all around the world.

Ever wondered why the stem of the famous Martini Glass is so long? There are many theories on this; one is that this allows the cocktail to stay chilled, safely away from the hands of the drinker, as traditionally, no ice is added.  Another (and my preferred) reasoning is that during Prohibition, the shape of the glass allowed for the drinker to quickly dispose of their liquor before the police arrived.

Not all famous Martini drinkers were fictional; Humphrey Bogart, Noel Coward, Gerald Ford and Richard Nixon are all well known for enjoying a Martini or three!

Gin V Vodka

This much debated subject is a no brainer for cocktail experts and they would be mildly (or largely) offended by anything other than Gin being used in a Martini. However, many Martini drinkers prefer the smoother and more modern taste created by swapping Gin for Vodka – James Bond has a lot to answer for!

How to celebrate #NationalMartiniDay in Lockdown

Dirty, straight up or with a twist, there are endless ways to enjoy a Martini and we absolutely will not let lockdown stop us from raising a glass to National Martini Day.

This is the perfect excuse to get (only 6!) of your closest friends together (outside and 2m apart of course) for your very own cocktail party.  Why not research and experiment with a new recipe? Or perhaps just stick with the sophisticated classic – shaken or stirred?

Or if you’re opting for a night in at home, this is a great chance to test your partners cocktail pallet, make each other a Martini creation and see if they can tell you what you’ve opted to add!

However you choose to observe the Lockdown National Martini Day, the Posh Cockney Team are sure that the Martini will stay high on everyone’s classic cocktail favourites list. Cheers to that!

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